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Board of Directors


Louise Petschler

Treasurer - Customer Owned Banking Association

Louise Petschler

Louise Petschler, Treasurer of World Council of Credit Unions' board of directors, represents the Australian credit union movement as a delegate from the Customer Owned Banking Association. Headquartered in Madison, Wis., USA, World Council is the leading international trade association and development agency for credit unions. Worldwide, 57,000 credit unions in 105 countries serve 217,000,000 people. The regional and national credit union and financial cooperative associations affiliated with World Council represent 89 countries around the globe. Petschler joined World Council's board in 2009.

Abacus is the industry body for Australia's 163 credit unions and mutual societies. Collectively, the country's mutual financial sector serves more than 6 million members nationwide.

Prior to her current appointment as chief executive officer of the Customer Owned Banking Association, formerly known as Abacus Australian Mutuals, Petschler led the organization's public affairs team, overseeing its representation, advocacy and media relations. Petschler previously worked on financial services issues for the Australian Consumers' Association and held postitions with the New South Wales (NSW) Cabinet Office and with Chemical Bank. She holds memberships in Australasian Mutuals Institute and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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