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Mission & Vision


Our Mission

To improve lives through credit unions

Our Vision

To expand financial inclusion worldwide through the global credit union community

Vision 2020

In 2014, we committed to Vision 2020: the global campaign to add 50 million new credit union members worldwide by the year 2020.

At that time, 57,000 credit unions in 103 countries served 208 million members. We aim to increase credit union membership to at least 260 million in 2020.

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Our Value Proposition

We build, champion, defend and grow a global credit union community that improves lives.

Our Purpose

On behalf of our member organizations, we exist to:

  • Advocate internationally to achieve better legislative and regulatory outcomes for credit unions and their members.
  • Provide education and global networking for the exchange of information and ideas.
  • Champion the credit union and cooperative financial institutions model worldwide.
  • Grow and strengthen the credit union system with technical assistance, training and tools for management, outreach and networking.

Our Belief

All people should have access to affordable, reliable and sustainable financial services

We also believe that credit unions are a self-sustainable development solution.

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