Grzegorz Bierecki

Chair - National Association of Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions (NACSCU)


Grzegorz Bierecki, chair of the World Council of Credit Unions'  board of directors, represents the Polish credit union movement as a delegate of the National Association of Cooperative Savings & Credit Unions (NACSCU). Headquartered in Madison, Wis., USA, World Council is the leading international trade association and development agency for credit unions. Worldwide, 60,000 credit unions in 109 countries serve 223,000,000 people. The regional and national credit union and financial cooperative associations affiliated with World Council represent [STATS_REPRESENT] countries around the globe.

Bierecki was first elected to the World Council board in 2000 through “Operation Open Up,” an initiative to expand representation at the board level. He currently serves on the board of World Council's Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions.

Since 1992, Bierecki has been president of NACSCU, Poland’s national trade association for savings and credit unions. He is a founding member of the Cooperative Research Institute in Poland and is board chairman of the Cooperative Savings and Credit Union Mutual Insurance Society (TUW SKOK) and Credit Union Life Insurance Society.

In 2007, Bierecki, who pioneered the revival of Polish credit unions, was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland, honoring his participation in the fight for Poland’s independence. Bierecki played a key role in the rebirth of Poland’s genuine cooperative sector in the form of credit unions, which in the course of 15 years became the largest non-bank financial network serving nearly 40 million Polish citizens. In 2002, Bierecki was recognized as "Businessman of the Year" in his native Poland, in appreciation of his business and entrepreneurial activities in fulfillment of that role.

An expert in "Solidarity,” Bierecki was director of the National Executive Commission for Poland’s famous Solidarity Trade Union Office and managed contacts with the government and other social organizations. He has authored numerous publications on credit union management and operations and co-authored the Polish credit union model legislation.

Bierecki received his master's degree from the University of Gdańsk and has pursued post-graduate studies in law and business administration. He is a recipient of the National Credit Union Foundation’s Herb Wegner Memorial Award and was awarded the Civil Service Medal by the president of Poland.

Installation Speech by Chair Grzegorz Bierecki — Ottawa, Canada, July 16, 2013