Rafał Matusiak

Vice Chair / Secretary - National Association of Co-operative Savings & Credit Unions (NACSCU)


Rafał Matusiak represents the Polish credit union movement as president of the National Association of Co-operative Savings & Credit Unions (NACSCU).

Matusiak was appointed in 2012 as president of NACSCU, Poland's credit union trade association. NACSCU specializes in providing stabilization and control for the sector. It also represents the interests of Poland's credit unions towards public authorities and international organizations, and develops IT system standards.

Matusiak, appointed to the World Council board in 2015, has helped establish credit unions in Poland for over 20 years. From 1994–1996, he worked for the Foundation for Polish Credit Unions to start credit unions throughout the country. Matusiak furthered his active involvement in the creation and launching of credit unions, mostly in southern Poland, at NACSCU as a management board proxy and auditor. There, he conducted comprehensive auditing of credit union operations, and provided regular training and consulting.

Prior to his current role, Matusiak served for eight years as president of the management board of TFI SKOK S.A. (Credit Union Investment Fund Society), a joint-stock company that focuses heavily on socially responsible investing. It became Poland's first company to establish and register open-end ethical investment funds.

From 2003–2004, Matusiak worked for TUW SKOK (Credit Union Mutual Insurance Society), where he served as a management board member and director for risk management issues.

Matusiak is a graduate of Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice.