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weCU2: At the Intersection of Millennials and Credit Unions

In 2014, World Council launched a new program, called weCU2 (pronounced "we see you too"), to connect millennials with credit unions. The program has since concluded. However, the weCU2 blog still contains useful content. Please visit to learn more.

The purpose of the weCU2 program was to introduce two like-minded groups—credit unions and millennials—who simply need a chance to talk and learn about one another.

weCU2 had two specific goals:

  1. Provide information to credit unions on the digital DNA of Millennials. We understand the need to access financial information across multiple screens and in real time. We also understand the need to have this information in a simple digital experience.
  2. Introduce credit unions to Millennials. Not to sell, but to inform. We believe our shared values speak for themselves.

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