1 October – 25 November 2018

eLEAD Online Program

2018 Fall Session

eLEAD is designed to foster learning and discussion about relevant leadership concepts. It is up to participants to turn the learning into action to increase their impact. The blended learning experience offers the flexibility of web-based learning while leveraging the benefit of online student discussions, instructor-led webinars and relevant curriculum for leaders wishing to expand their knowledge and potential. Participants will take away strategies to support their leadership growth, including the creation of a personalized Leadership Action Plan (LAP) and a one-page overview of their vision and desired legacy.

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15 October – 9 December 2018

eCOACH Online Program

2018 Fall Session

eCOACH focuses on enhancing communication, relationship building and coaching skills with leaders at all levels. The program provides leaders with clarity on when to “coach” and when to “manage” and offers effective models for implementing these new skills. The program outlines an enhanced framework for communicating and holding conversations with others that will engage, empower, and inspire forward action with people at all levels in the workplace. Participants will take away strategies for continued growth including the completion of a personalized Coaching Action Plan (CAP). Participants receive a certificate of completion.

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12-13 November 2018

Latin American and Caribbean Regional Workshop 2018

Technology is transforming financial cooperatives - expanding service channels and improving the efficiency of operations. At the same time, the challenges it represents can feel overwhelming at times. The situation is increasingly complicated – cybersecurity threats, competition with fintech providers, the evolution of payments systems and the expansion of blockchain technology - and now, even artificial intelligence. In this rapidly changing environment, more credit unions are finding success through collaboration – developing innovative solutions that have positioned them at the forefront of the financial sector.

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2-6 Diciembre 2018

Pasantía Técnica: Los Ángeles

Únase a un grupo exclusivo de líderes cooperativistas durante esta pasantía técnica en el sur del estado de California donde exploraremos cooperativas modernas—destacadas por sus estrategias digitales exitosas y reconocidas por el impacto positivo que han logrado en sus comunidades. 

Cooperativas de ahorro y crédito enfocadas en el crecimiento continuamente están explorando formas de mejorar la experiencia de los socios. Líderes del sector han logrado una combinación efectiva que mezcla la innovación técnica con experiencias personalizadas, siempre manteniendo su compromiso con la filosofía cooperativa. Únase a nuestra delegación internacional en California donde exploraremos el uso de la tecnología para eliminar la fricción de la experiencia de los socios y examinaremos estrategias de colaboración que han promovido el crecimiento y mejorado la sostenibilidad de las cooperativas de ahorro y crédito.