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May 1, 2016   

Mejores Prácticas // Gobernabilidad


Principles of Credit Union Governance

After many months of research and study, World Council completed the International Principles of Credit Union Governance. These Principles address the challenges of organizational power within credit unions at three separate levels: external, internal and individual. The board and managers, as a cohesive unit, ensure the credit union’s compliance with issues related to external and internal governance. To achieve this goal, each board member has a duty to adhere to the principles of individual governance.

Commitment to Governance

World Council began its commitment to Governance in December 2003 when the Board agreed to add the development and promotion of principles of good governance for credit unions as World Council’s fourth mission.

To achieve this mission, World Council committed to the following:

  1. Establish the International Credit Union Governance Principles;
  2. Survey members on national governance practices; and
  3. Develop an online database of governance resources, materials and best practices