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May 5, 2016   

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1. Not enough memory to update display
2. Not enough memory to complete operation
3. The reference is not broken for…
4. 'Invalid command line options' error when starting PEARLS MS
5. ‘Microsoft Access Runtime not installed’ error when starting PEARLS MS
6. System prompts to locate “Data1.MSI” file when trying to install Office 2000 Service Pack 2
7. A1 ratio is not calculated in ratios report, and “Err” is shown instead
8. 'OpenForm action cancelled' error
9. PEARLS ratios and balance sheet reports show the same data regardless of selected credit union(s)
10. Reserved Error -1517

1. Message "Not enough memory to update display"
MS Access and MS Windows 95/98/ME are quite inefficient when dealing with video memory, and can cause the "Not enough memory to update display" error while working on data entry forms. The only way to resolve this problem is to close all applications that are open and restart your computer. This problem has never been reported while using Windows NT or 2000 workstations.

The following advice may help you avoid this problem in Windows 95/98:

Turn off the option to view the desktop as a web page in the Windows Active Desktop (even if it looks nice, it uses more video memory.) To do this, right click on the desktop, go to Active Desktop?, and make sure that View as a Web Page does not have a check mark by it.
Avoid using the bitmaps in Windows Wallpaper schemes in the Control Panel /Display/ Background option.

Update the computer's display and graphic card drivers.

Defragment your hard disk drive on a regular (weekly/monthly) basis. When your hard drive is very fragmented, Windows may be not able to efficiently use virtual memory. For most Windows 95 or 98 systems, the Disk Defragmenter program comes with the operating system and can be found by going to the Start button and selecting Programs/Accessories/System Tools. This process can take several hours if your hard drive is large.

As a last resort, you may have to change the Virtual Memory settings in Windows System Properties from let Windows manage my virtual memory settings to Let me specify my own virtual memory settings. Just make sure that the ones you specify are big enough. When specifying a minimum, you should select at least 64-128 MB and select a maximum of 196 - 256 MB.

2. Message "Not enough memory to complete operation"
This normally happens if there is not enough space on the hard disk to accommodate the virtual memory swap file.

Solution: Space needs to be created on the hard drive by deleting old files or emptying the recycle bin.

3. Message "The reference is not broken for…"
This message can be seen if there are missing libraries when the system is being started. The successful use of PEARLS MS depends also on library files that are installed during installation process. If one of these files is removed, it might result in problems with the PEARLS MS. This may result from problems that occur during the PEARLS MS installation procedure or by updating Windows or MS Access to a newer version.

Solution: Usually then there are a number of messages listing the references that are not broken. Please write down or make screenshots of all the error messages that you receive and send those to technical support. Please send also all information on updates that have been recently made to the system that may have caused such problems.

4. 'Invalid command line options' error when starting PEARLS MS
Some users have reported error, where PEARLS would not run because of the following error messages:
"The command line you used to start Microsoft Access contains an option that Microsoft Access doesn´t recognize" and "Error, the profile PEARLS that you specified on the command line doesn´t exist in the window registry.

Solution: As a temporary solution the removal of parameter "/profile "PEARLS 2000"" from Target line in PEARLS MS shortcut can be used. However, there have been several reports that this problem has been caused by variation of Sircam virus, which takes over the running of any applications and as a result may lose some of the parameters of the applications.

Please check the following McAfee and Symantec websites, which provide information and solutions for this virus. Notice that Symantec webpage also provides a free tool to fix the problem.

McAfee Site Link

Symantec Site Link

So, please check your systems for this virus. If you have found one and it is removed from your system, please try to run PEARLS MS again.

5. 'Microsoft Access Runtime is not installed' error when starting PEARLS MS
PEARLS would not run because of the following error message:
"Microsoft Access Runtime is not installed. Please install the application and try again". This error message has been reported to appear on Windows XP workstations when trying to launch PEARLS for the first time after installation

Solution: Until we come up with a working XP installation file, here’s workaround for the problem:

a) Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Find “Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime”, click on it and press Remove button. Confirm deinstallation. Reboot computer if prompted

b) Locate Runtime folder on PEARLS MS installation CD. Open it and double-click on “Setup”. Follow installation prompts, and run PEARLS MS after the installation is finished.

NOTE: Only latest PEARLS MS releases contain Runtime folder! If you do not have it, contact WOCCU to obtain new CD.

6. System prompts to locate “Data1.MSI” file when trying to install Office 2000 Service Pack 2
Solution: Use the same instructions as in #5 to re-install Access Runtime. After reinstallation launch SP2 again, and if asked to provide Data1.MSI file, locate it in Runtime folder on PEARLS CD.

NOTE: Only latest PEARLS MS releases contain Runtime folder! If you do not have it, contact WOCCU to obtain new CD.

7. A1 ratio is not calculated in ratios report, and “Err” is shown instead
This error is usually caused by upgrading to latest PEARLS version (2.03 or later), and trying to access upgraded databases with older version. Typical example is networked configuration where not all workstations have been upgraded to latest release of PEARLS MS

Solution: Install latest PEARLS MS release. If problem persists, contact support.

8. 'OpenForm action cancelled ' error when pressing OK button in credit unions selection for reports screen, and/or when trying to access “Data Entry, Import, Export” screen from main menu

Solution: Usually this is indication of serious problem with MS Windows system files and libraries. It is recommended to completely deinstall and re-install PEARLS so that necessary libraries and files are copied again and registered properly. If that does not help, you can try installing Microsoft Windows Script by doing the following:

a) ) Download installation file from Microsoft website. Windows 2000 version can be downloaded here and Windows 95/98/ME/NT4 file is here.
NOTE: the download links were valid at the time of writing, but should Microsoft website contents change and links are no longer functional, please go to http://www.microsoft.com/vbscript and locate download file for Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 or later.

b) Launch the downloaded file to install Script. Reboot if prompted.

c) Try launching PEARLS MS

NOTE: Please consider complete reinstall of Windows should you encounter this error! There is no single cause for this error, but it can be caused by corruption in system files, malicious tampering or even virus attack. As a result there is a risk of encountering frequent errors and/or losing your data as a result.

9. PEARLS ratios and balance sheet reports show the same data regardless of selected credit union(s)

Solution: A common cause for this is change of system date. PEARLS keeps data for reports in separate temporary table, and also records last date and time when the table was updated. If you adjust your system date/clock to past date/time, PEARLS can get confused and will not update the temporary table causing invalid data to be shown in reports.

Please check if your system date and time is correct, and has not recently been changed. Set it to current date/time and run PEARLS MS again.

If you have accidentally set your date far in the future, run some reports, and changed it back to current date, PEARLS will not show correct data in reports until that future date comes. The only workaround is to replace PEARLS.MDE file either with a newer release or backup copy. You could even use the file from your coworker's machine.

 10. Reserved Error -1517

Solution: Repair all PEARLS databases by closing down PEARLS if running, then executing all 'Optimize...' shortcuts found in PEARLS 2000 Start Menu group (log in as Administrator when prompted).