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Haiti - Integrated Financing for Value Chains and Enterprises

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HIFIVE Catalyst Fund  November 16, 2009

The HIFIVE Catalyst Fund, a US$22.5 million grant fund has been designed by HIFIVE. Grants from the fund will help support partners to:
  • develop and launch ICT solutions including mobile banking and branchless banking solutions as well as remittance related products;
  • provide funding for a variety of local capacity building activities in the financial service and technology sectors;
  • encourage diverse risk management solutions that will reduce economic vulnerability in Haiti and promote the diversification of credit products available;
  • provide funding to promote the diversification of financial product and services available to serve MSMEs operating in value chains and in rural zones.

Working Group on Diaspora Issues in Haiti  October 13, 2009

HIFIVE co-sponsored with SOGEBANK Foundation the Diaspora Unity Congress of The Haitian League in Fort Lauderdale on August 6th -9th, 2009. The presentation of Chief of Party Greta Greathouse and Deputy Chief of Party Elie Lafortune to the Congress challenged the Diaspora to become active investors in Haiti. Their speech also highlighted the new project's objectives and its planned activities to engage Haitian Diaspora in support of increased developmental impact of remittances to Haiti. HIFIVE's early activities on Diaspora include the creation of a Working Group on Diaspora Issues in Haiti led by HIFIVE. The group is comprised of representatives of other donor projects, the Haitian government, and local Diaspora groups. Former President William Clinton (UN Special Envoy to Haiti) and Haitian Prime Minister Michele Pierre Louis also addressed the Congress.

Microfinance Sector Working Group  October 13, 2009

HIFIVE has created a Microfinance Sector working group on ICT solutions to encourage dialogue among sector participants on their priorities and to encourage the development of common solutions.

Innovations in Finance Lecture Series  October 13, 2009

HIFIVE launched its Innovations in Finance lecture series on September 28, 2009 with the presentation of the results of USAID's 2008 Census of Microfinance in Haiti.

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