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Partnerships & Volunteers


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Partnerships & Volunteers

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World Council currently facilitates 16 international credit union partnerships.

World Council's International Partnerships Program unites credit union movements from around the world to exchange ideas, best practices and technical expertise. The International Partnerships Program builds stronger institutional capacity that ultimately benefits credit union members while demonstrating the cooperative ideals that characterize credit unions and distinguish them as financial institutions.

Partners have engaged in many activities overseas by providing guidance and expertise to their international partners. Here are a few examples:

  • Cornerstone Credit Union League and SICREDI — Single brand approach, young managers training
  • Ohio and Romania — New partnership in 2011, focus on industry awareness and modern marketing techniques for credit unions
  • Minnesota and Paraguay — Regulation and examination of credit unions, advocacy and high-level governmental relations
  • Caja Yanga and Servus Credit Union — Introduction of credit union-owned ATM networks

How we start partnerships

World Council seeks to match its members and supporters, both in emerging and developed countries. The partnership is established when each organization, accompanied by World Council, visits its potential partner to observe operations and determine common areas for work.

Why enter into a partnership

  • Business opportunities, forging long-lasting relationships with industry peers overseas
  • Engage in international credit union development alongside World Council of Credit Unions
  • Recognition as a forward-thinking and progressive industry leader
  • Selling point of the "credit union difference" to members and congress


Agree to conduct two-to-four joint activities in a year. All partnership activities are implemented in a non-intrusive manner to respect each credit union's internal operations. Partnering countries agree upon partnership activities in semiannual planning sessions. A partnership activity could take many forms, including:

  • Hosting a delegation from the partner country.
  • Coordinating visits to the league office or credit unions in your state.
  • Sending materials, manuals and bylaws to the partner country.
  • Traveling to the partner country to address their annual general meeting.
  • Presenting on a specific industry topic or meeting with government officials.

Willingness to become a World Council Supporter. When your annual commitment is designated to your partnership activities, World Council would apply it to supporting the partnership activities with your partner country. World Council suggests a silver (US$5,000–$9,999) or gold (US$10,000–$24,999) annual contribution. All World Council Supporters will be listed by recognition level in World Council publications, our website and at our conferences. World Council Supporters are also invited to two annual recognition receptions — one at CUNA & Affiliates' Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) and one at World Council's World Credit Union Conference. With your payment receipt, you will also receive a special Supporters report on activities made possible by your support. The report is in CD-ROM PowerPoint format, suitable for reporting back to your constituency or board.

Partnership lifespan

We recommend a three-year agreement and the commitment to work on two-to-three main focus areas. The agreement would be automatically renewed unless one of the parties withdraws.

For further information, contact:

Victor Miguel Corro
Vice President of Member Services
Phone: +1-608-770-2815

Thomas Belekevich
Program Manager for Member Services
Phone: +1-608-334-6646


Partnerships Annual Report: International Collaboration in Education
Partnerships Annual Report 2015

Learn how World Council continued building a stronger global credit union community through partnerships, immersion training, regional workshops and volunteer outreach in 2015.


Volunteer Outreach in 2015

One of the credit union movement’s greatest resources is our diversity of experience and commitment to sharing knowledge. In 2015, World Council sent 10 volunteer executives into the field to countries as far reaching as Paraguay and Korea, where they spoke at conferences, visited local credit unions and explored common challenges in technology, advocacy and marketing. 

Ryan Donovan, Chief Advocacy Officer at CUNA, was a keynote speaker at World Council’s Lobbying and Governmental Affairs Workshop in Costa Rica, sharing key lobbing principles and successful examples of credit union-focused grassroots campaigns from the United States.

Juan Fernandez, Vice President of Advocacy at the New Mexico Credit Union Association, keynoted several sessions during AIRAC’s workshop on governmental affairs in the Dominican Republic, attended by more than 60 participants.

Lisa Brown, President and CEO of Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union, and Tim Brown, Vice President of IT at First Florida Credit Union, presented their insights on youth initiatives and network security during FEDEAC’s Seminar on Innovation and related events in Costa Rica.

Rodney Wilson, Senior Legislative Advocate at the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, shared insights on building positive and proactive relationships with legislators during his keynote session at FEDECACES International Conference in El Salvador, attended by nearly 600 participants from Central and South America. 

David Southall, CEO of Innovations Federal Credit Union, presented on social media marketing strategies and opportunities for improving the member service experience with new branch design concepts during FENACREP’s Annual Conference in Peru.

Roberto Menezes de Vargas, Business Relationship Manager at SICREDI (Brazil), attended CENCOPAN’s First Annual Youth Cooperative Congress in Paraguay where he presented successful strategies for increasing youth membership.   

Daniel Ferretti, Head of Marketing at SICREDI, keynoted several sessions during World Council’s Technical Workshop in Colombia — sharing the strategy behind the development of the SicrediTouch program and examples of the benefits possible through content integration and collaboration. 

Carla Altepeter, President and CEO of Numerica Credit Union, and Dan Hein, President and CEO of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air Employees Federal Credit Union, attended the NACUFOK 55th Annual International Symposium in South Korea. Mr. Hein spoke to an international audience about the U.S. credit union movement’s navigation through the economic downturn and recovery, and operating in the new regulatory environment. Ms. Altepeter spoke on U.S. credit unions’ strategic approach to attracting youth. 


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