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Costa Rica/Southeastern League


Costa Rica partner participates in Alabama league's transition

As the Alabama Credit Union League (ACUL) was celebrating its last Annual General Meeting before its merger with the Florida Credit Union League, Alabama credit unions were also celebrating the retirement of long-time ACUL president and CEO, Gary Wolter. In appreciation of Wolter's dedication to the partnership and the Alabama league's work with the Costa Rican partnership, Manuel Bolaños, General Manager of FEDEAC, attended the last ACUL AGM in Destin Florida during the second week of April.

As the first speaker of the event, Bolaños offered his gratitude to the credit unions in attendance and highlighted accomplishments of the partnership such as establishing an advocacy department within the Costa Rican credit union federation, FEDEAC. Bolaños thanked Wolter with the presentation of an ox cart symbolizing his hard work with the partnership. Since ACUL's and WOCCU's lobbying efforts in Costa Rica, FEDEAC has experienced much improved relations with the government through meetings with the national congress and even the president. In addition to thanking Wolter, Bolaños also asked the board of directors of the new League of Southeastern Credit Unions to continue their support of the Costa Rican partnership.

While in Florida, Bolaños also made at stop at Innovations Federal Credit Union in Panama City, Florida. Innovations FCU truly lives up to its name by using a new dialog tower banking concept creating a modern customer service experience complete with a newsstand, coffee bar, and wireless Internet access. Credit unions in Costa Rica are also looking at adapting their branches to become more technologically advanced while tapping into new delivery channels in order to improve member experience.

FEDEAC is looking forward to a continued partnership with the League of Southeastern Credit Unions and hopes to plan new partnership activities soon after the amalgamation is complete.

Source: WOCCU

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