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December 21, 2014   

Partnerships & Volunteers // Paraguay/Minnesota


Segovia Boltes addresses Minnesota Credit Union Network's 2006 Annual Meeting

Special guests from the Paraguayan credit union organization Central de Cooperativas del Area Nacional Ltda. (CENCOPAN) attended the Minnesota Credit Union Network’s 2006 Annual Meeting April 7-8 and were featured speakers at the business meeting. Dr. Modesto Segovia Boltes, Board President of CENCOPAN, spoke to attendees to increase awareness of the partnership that exists between CENCOPAN and MnCUN.

The two credit union trade associations began their relationship in 2004 through the World Council of Credit Union’s (WOCCU’s) International Partnership Program. The relationship was formed to exchange knowledge, information and experiences to benefit the credit union Movement in both countries. Technology and legislative/regulatory advocacy were identified as the major concentrations of the partnership.

Source: WOCCU/ MnCUN