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December 22, 2014   

Alianzas y Voluntarios // Paraguay/Minnesota


Paraguay Internship in Minnesota

Maria del Carmen Gonzalez and Edgar Alejandro Viveros have just completed a two week internship on credit union IT operations. Maria and Alejandro work at Cooperativa Universitaria in Asuncion, Paraguay.

World Council of Credit Unions thanks Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, Postal Credit Union, SouthPoint Federal Credit Union and Twin City Co-ops Federal Credit Union for participating in the exchange program. Each credit union hosted one of the Paraguayans for a week. Additionally, employees from each credit union served as temporary host families exposing the interns to the daily American life.

Mr. Viveros and Ms. Gonzalez had the opportunity to work closely with credit union staff on a daily basis during their stay. The internship served as an opportunity not only for professional development, but also as an important cultural exchange between Paraguay and Minnesota.

View the press release here .

Source: WOCCU