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Nikkei Credit Union CEO Speaks on Economic Crisis and its Effects on Credit Unions

In July, WOCCU's member in El Salvador, FEDECACES, expressed their desire to have a US credit union representative speak to the effect of the US economy on credit unions at its AGM. Through WOCCU, Erick Orellana, CEO of Nikkei Credit Union in Gardina, CA, volunteered to participate in the AGM and travel to San Salvador to attend. At the AGM, Orellana presented on the economy and its implications for US credit unions and what trends credit unions may see over the next few years including an increase in membership but a decrease in the number of credit unions, increased loan delinquency, and unique opportunities to reach out to new markets. Orellana has over 20 year's credit union experience, having held positions in six credit unions and with the California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

Source: WOCCU

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