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CU Regulators' Network

Global Regulators' Roundtable

Toronto, Canada
June 18 – 20, 2012


Coordinated by the International Credit Union Regulators’ Network and World Council of Credit Unions, the Regulators’ Roundtable is the only meeting of its kind.


To inquire about this meeting, please contact Liliana Tangwall,


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The International Credit Union Regulators’ Network (ICURN) was formed in 2007 during the 5th annual Credit Union Regulators’ Roundtable that took place in Calgary, Canada. The purpose of the Network is to share information and ideas on topics of common interest among credit unions and financial cooperative supervisors and to undertake research on specific issues or topics related to financial cooperatives and their oversight.

Membership in the ICURN is open to all entities that have statutory supervisory authority for credit unions and financial cooperatives in their respective jurisdictions. The annual ICURN membership fee is US$250 per organization for credit union supervisory entities in jurisdictions with combined credit union assets of US$1 billion or more, and US$100 for entities in jurisdictions with less than US$1 billion in credit union assets.

A steering committee of representatives from several regions across the world leads the Network and WOCCU serves as the Secretariat. The steering committee’s role is to help coordinate the network and to assist WOCCU in organizing the annual Regulators’ Roundtable.

The steering committee representatives serving the 2011 - 2012 term are:

  • Africa: Carilus Ademba, SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority, Kenya
  • Asia: Singam Karuppasamy, Reserve Bank of India, India
  • Europe: Wictor Kaminski, National Association of Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions, Poland
  • Latin America/Caribbean: Jose Angelo Mazzillo Júnior, Central Bank of Brazil
  • North America: Andy Poprawa, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario, Canada
    Gigi Hyland, National Credit Union Administration, USA
    Mary Martha Fortney, National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors, USA
  • Oceania: Brandon Khoo, Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority, Australia
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Economic trends have shown us all the importance of sound financial practices and effective regulatory oversight. By joining ICURN, you can invest in the future of safe financial practices not only for the
cooperatives you serve in your own country, but for those serving members worldwide. To download the ICURN application form click here.


IASB Webinar Presentation: Impairment of Financial Assets (Jan.2011)

View PowerPoint presentation

Resources for the Africa SACCO Regulators' Roundtable in Malawi (Dec. 2010)

Presentations at the WOCCU/CARTAC Caribbean Credit Union Supervision Workshop (Oct. 2010)

Click here to view the presentations


U.N. Expert Group Meeting - Regulation and Legislation of Cooperative Banks and Credit Unions

U.N. Expert Group Meeting - Credit Unions and the Financial Crisis

Technical Guide: Credit Union Regulation and Supervision (WOCCU)


Presentations at the Africa SACCO Regulators' Roundtable in South Africa (Nov. 2008)


Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority
Brandon Khoo -


Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario
Andy Poprawa -

United States

National Credit Union Administration
David Marquis -


To obtain the password to access these files, please e-mail Liliana Tangwall.









  • MICOOPE Guarantee Fund







  • Department of Cooperatives Lesotho



New Zealand


Saint Kitts & Nevis



South Africa

South Korea



United Kingdom

United States of America


The 2012 Regulators' Roundtable

Coordinated by the International Credit Union Regulators' Network (ICURN) and World Council
of Credit Unions (WOCCU), the Regulators' Roundtable is the only meeting of its kind. This is an invitation-only event open to supervisors with statutory authority for supervising financial cooperatives or credit unions.

The 10th annual Regulators' Roundtable will take place June 18-20, 2012 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto in Toronto, Canada. Mark your calendar and check back later for more details on the Roundtable.

For more information on ICURN visit

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The International Credit Union Regulators' Network (ICURN) membership is highly encouraged but not required to attend the Regulators' Roundtable. Learn more about ICURN benefits and how to become a member.

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