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Our Work


Credit Unions Change Lives

While World Council's work sounds technical, our bottom line is about empowering people with the tools they need to grow. World Council harnesses the power of staff, volunteers and your donations to create opportunities that last for the world's working poor. World Council has implemented more than 250 development programs that have helped change the lives of people around the world.

As the official fundraising and gift-receiving organization for World Council, the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions helps make our work possible in many ways.

Worldwide Foundation Expenditures

Worldwide Foundation Expenses

Each initiative listed below is supported with funds from the Worldwide Foundation.

Development Programs

World Council international development programs assist credit unions and national/regional associations with rebuilding during and after conflict, providing access to the underserved, developing integrated business networks, supporting communities at risk, reconstructing after disaster and encouraging legislative reform and regulatory system development. Our development programs are funded by member dues, government agency and foundation grants and annual gifts from World Council supporters.

Learn more about our current programs.

International Partnerships

World Council's International Partnerships Program brings together credit union movements from around the world to exchange ideas and technical expertise with the goal of building stronger institutions for the benefit of their members. World Council pairs a credit union league with a credit union or trade association overseas.

Learn more about international partnerships.

Member Education & Training

One of the most beneficial opportunities that World Council provides are events where credit union staff and leaders can network, learn and exchange ideas. Our annual education and training events include:

Disaster Relief & Rebuilding

When disaster strikes, access to financial services is critical for people to rebuild their lives, and credit unions provide that access. With disaster relief funds, immediate assistance is provided in the form of food, water and shelter to credit union staff, members and the affected community. After these immediate needs are met, funds are saved for rebuilding efforts so that communities can begin to build for a brighter future.

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