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Disaster Best Practices


When a major tragedy such a natural disaster strikes, the credit union movement often works together to help credit unions and their members recover.

Following a disaster, we need to act quickly. In order to give you a head start, World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) members with active foundations worked together to develop a basic informational kit to help guide credit union organizations.

This isn't a workplace recovery manual, rather it's simple information designed to help you help your members in their time of need. The short "best practices" offer basic ideas and examples of how to:

  1. Communicate with members and the community to keep everyone informed and connected.
  2. Fundraise to provide the resources you need to help credit unions, staff and members.
  3. Offer effective and efficient grants to help recover and rebuild.
  4. Provide funders stewardship information following the recovery, inspiring them to support future efforts.

We hope this web page will grow with additional examples and information, so please share any questions or suggestions with us at

Disaster Best Practices Guide

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