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January 29, 2015   

Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions // Take Action


Make an Impact

Become a World Council Supporter and creatively invest in the future of hardworking people. A credit union loan or savings account make it possible for a family's small business to grow, allowing them to employ neighbors and help other families succeed. As a result, your gift does so much more than help a single family — it can literally be the key to lifting a whole community out of poverty.

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends and family about our work, or get involved by doing any of these activities:

Host a fundraiser: throw a dinner party or give a unique gift

If you'd like to have fun and support our work, consider throwing a dinner party or get together as a fundraiser.

Link us to your blog or website

Download the World Council logo and link www.woccu.org to your site.

Support World Council programs

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Attend World Council Events