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Young Credit Union People

Young Credit Union People

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World Council Young Credit Union People (WYCUP)

Scholarship Materials:
WYCUP criteria
Nomination criteria

2015 WYCUP nomination form
Nomination form

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

CUNA Mutual Group

Servus Credit Union

Join young professionals from around the globe in the WYCUP program—an annual scholarship and event designed to promote and engage the next generation of credit union leaders in the international credit union movement.

Win a Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to five outstanding nominees who are 35 or younger, have made significant contributions to their credit union system and have the potential to make a global credit union impact.

The 2017 WYCUP scholarship will be awarded at the World Credit Union Conference in Vienna, Austria, July 23-26, for an all-expense-paid attendance to the 2018 World Credit Union Conference. 

What does it take to win? Learn from past scholarship winners.

Scholarship deadline is 11:59 p.m. CST on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Participate in Events

The WYCUP program in Vienna in July provides international networking and educational events for young credit union leaders at the World Credit Union Conference. Conference registrants age 35 and younger qualify for a $100 discount of the registration fee, and can participate in the WYCUP events at no extra cost!—regardless of their application for scholarship.

Stay Connected

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Meet past scholarship winners
2016 Belfast | 2015 Denver | 2014 Australia 
2013 Canada |  2012 Poland | 2011 Scotland
Read on International Lessons for Young Adult Membership Growth.

Questions? Contact William Harris at +1-608-395-2050 or

Learn more

Check out our remixed video of unique scholarship nomination submissions. WYCUP has been gathering talented young professionals all over the world for over 16 years!


WYCUP Program Schedule in Vienna, Austria

A tight-knit group of young credit union leaders from over 50 countries met last year in Denver to participate in the WYCUP program. 

Deadline for registration: June 24, 2017

Here was our 2016 Program. Check back in March to find out how 2017 is shaping up for Vienna! 

Sandra McDowell is a former WYCUP scholarship winner and COO at First Credit Union in Powell River, BC. Outside of this role, she founded the eLeadership Academy to support the leadership development of others online. In her highly anticipated session, participants will learn how distractions can negatively impact their performance as leaders, and how self-awareness and focus can increase effectiveness. Participants will gain an increased understanding of how to harness the brain for improved productivity, communication, and overall wellbeing. In the afternoon, McDowell will lead WYCUP participants through an activity that will engage them in these practices and show them the benefits of mindful leadership.

The WYCUP program will include the following activities you won't want to miss: 

Date Time Location Activity
Sunday, July 17


3:30 pm-4:00pm


Meeting Room 1 

Waterfront Hall


WYCUP Program for Young Professionals (lunch is provided): Join a tight-knit group of young leaders from around the globe for a chance to network, participate in group discussions, and hear from our keynote speaker. (for conference attendees 35 and younger)*

New Attendee & Exhibitor Orientation

Conference Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Reception

Monday, July 18


7:00pm- 9:00pm

Waterfront Hall

Fratelli Belfast

Conference Sessions

WYCUP Dinner 

Dinner with the WYCUP group and their companions (self-paid)

Tuesday, July 19



Waterfront Hall

Waterfront Hall, Level 2, Bar 2 

Conference Sessions

WYCUP Alumni Network Reception

Past and current WYCUP participants are invited to attend the WYCUP Alumni Reunion

Wednesday, July 20



7:00pm- 12:00am

Waterfront Hall

Waterfront Hall

Titanic Museum

Conference Sessions

WYCUP Scholarship Awards
Five WYCUP nominees will receive an all-expense-paid attendance at the 2017 World Credit Union Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Closing Party
Wrap up your Belfast experience and enjoy the new friendships you have made at the Titanic museum with drinks, food and dancing. 

Schedule subject to change
* All conference attendees age 35 and younger interested to participate in the WYCUP events in Belfast are required to register for the program via the conference registration system by June 27, 2016. Applications for the WYCUP scholarship are NOT a requirement for attending the WYCUP events.


Join the WYCUP Alumni Network!

Young Professional Group Resource Guide
COMING SOON! Fall 2016! 

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

CUNA Mutual Group
Servus Credit Union

We were excited to announce the formation of the WYCUP alumni network in 2015 that will offer professional and leadership development opportunities with a global focus. WYCUP alumni, this is your chance to stay involved in the international movement and engage with your peers all over the world.

The WYCUP network officially launched in July, 2015 in Denver, USA, where WYCUP alumni from over 30 countries went to celebrate WYCUP's 15-year anniversary and the first alumni reunion.

WYCUP Alumni Network Working Group

A working group composed of prominent alumni are leading the network in 2015:

  • Robin Blythe, Account Manager, Libro Credit Union, Canada (2014 winner)
  • Caroline Domanski, CEO, No1 CopperPot Credit Union, United Kingdom (2013 winner)
  • Christopher Morris, Director of Communications, National Credit Union Foundation, USA (2013 winner)
  • Dorwin Manzano, Programme Coordinator and Facilitator, Caribbean Development Education, Trinidad and Tobago (2004 winner)
  • Ben Janzen, Stewardship in Action Advisor, Mennonite Savings Credit Union, Canada (2013 winner)
Read Read more about the WYCUP Alumni Network here.
Join the WYCUP WhatsApp group. Email
Download the WOCCU App to participate in a global discussion.
Connect with alumni on the WYCUP Alumni Facebook Group!

Alumni Spotlight

Get to know some of the WYCUP alumni and learn about the phenomenal work they do in their country:

Robin Blythe
Account Manager, Libro Credit Union
Ontario, Canada

Christopher Morris
Director of Communications, National Credit Union Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Brian Aalbers
Branch Manager, Libro Financial Group
London, Ontario, Canada
Miriam de Dios
CEO, Coopera
Des Moines, Iowa, USA


Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 WYCUP scholarship!

The following outstanding young professionals were awarded by an international committee an all-expense-paid
attendance of the 2017 World Credit Union Conference in Austria.

Henrique D'Azevedo Canal, Credit Product Specialist, SICREDI, Brazil

"I can definitely say that [WYCUP] was the most amazing experience I had since I started my carreer. I met so many amazing people and we are still in touch."

Watch Henrique's video

Stephanie Sievers, Chief Executive Officer, ANECA Federal Credit Union, USA

"We try not to think always: so, what's the return? Because the members are the return. Getting members involved, having members enjoy coming into the credit union — that's our return."

Watch Stephanie's video

Tanya Brown, Business Relationship Officer, Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League, Jamaica

"Eternally grateful to have been apart of such an amazing group of young people sharing common interest and having similar passion for the Credit Union Movement. I have learnt so much and made so many awesome friends."

Watch Tanya's video

Jae Kim, Branch Manager, Servus Credit Union, Canada

"What an amazing experience! I'm looking forward to Belfast in 2016. I would love to get more involved with WYCUP and look forward to contributing for the upcoming conference."

Watch Jae's video

Lisa Totaro, Marketing Manager, Sunmark Federal Credit Union, USA

"I have a passion for helping young professionals grow and develop. I've had the privilege to be involved in those efforts in NY & the US, and am looking forward to meeting so many YPs from around the world!"

Watch Lisa's video

Leandro Hendges, Products and Services Manager - Loans, SICREDI, Brazil

"I'm really excited to join [WYCUP] in Denver... Hope to learn a lot with you...!!! Here's my video, that tells a little about the work we're doing here with young people... hope you like it!!!"

Watch Leandro's video

Previous Recipients of the WYCUP Scholarship



  • Caroline Domanski, Deputy CEO, No1 CopperPot Credit Union, United Kingdom
  • Benjamin Janzen, Stewardship in Action Advisor, Mennonite Savings and Credit Union, Canada
  • Christopher Morris, Director of Communications, National Credit Union Foundation, USA
  • Eber Ostemberg, Social Programs Adviser, Sicredi Noroeste MT, Brazil
  • Jenn Vandehaar, Vice President Operations, Healthcare & Municipal Employees' Credit Union, Canada


  • Brian Aalbers, Canada
  • Wesley Diniz Alves, Brazil
  • Maire Doyle, Ireland
  • Miriam De Dios, United States
  • Edyta Grzybowska, Poland


  • Yola Charles, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Michelle Coelho, Australia
  • Marcy Lovberg, Canada
  • Edel McKenna, Ireland
  • Tracia Pounder, Barbados


  • Scott Daukas, United States
  • Carol Karugu, Kenya
  • Melia Keller,United States
  • Orla O'Shea, Ireland
  • Cas Scott, Australia


  • Julie Ferguson, Ireland
  • Ross Lanbrick, Australia
  • Carolyne Luvembe, Kenya
  • Jeff Rout, Canada
  • Amy Stanton, United States


  • Joe Agro, Canada
  • Anna Corona, United States
  • Nicholas May, Australia
  • Rachel Milan, Canada
  • Rafal Sokolowski, Poland


  • Elizabeth V. Randall, United States
  • Izabela Rutkowska, Poland
  • Ryan Visscher, Canada
  • Stacey Walker, United States
  • Eleonora Zgonjanin Petrovik, Macedonia


  • Tom Atkins, Canada
  • Alison Carr, United States
  • Anne-Marie Coffey, Ireland
  • Darcy Mykytyshyn, Canada
  • Shoba Gunasekaran, Singapore


  • Sherri Fogwill, Canada
  • Tina Hall, United States
  • Karla Herrera, Guatemala
  • Michael Mack, Australia
  • Sandra Phillips, Canada


  • Glenn Bolger, Canada
  • Catherine Coffey, Ireland
  • Hillary Jalafi, Malawi
  • Dorwin Manzano, Trinidad
  • Irwing Pinares-Silva, Peru


  • Justine Conley, Australia
  • Jeanne Kim, United States
  • Jan Knowles, Bahamas
  • Malcolm Stoffman, Canada
  • Katarzyna Uniwersal, Poland


  • Rod Ashley, United Kingdom
  • John Klassen, Canada
  • Skott Pope, United States
  • Maurice Wright, Jamaica
  • Amy Penick, United States


  • Mary Baxter, United States
  • Grzegorz Buckowski, Poland
  • Bradford Caldwell, United States
  • Lana Catalano, Canada
  • Andrew Leys, New Zealand

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