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    International Executive Volunteer Corps


    The International Executive Volunteer Corps (IEVC) recognizes the efforts of international volunteers who are instrumental in achieving World Council's mission of financial empowerment. Their valuable experience and willing participation has helped World Council build a global credit union community and deliver technical knowledge that enables credit unions around the world to best serve their members and communities.

    IEVC members are affiliated with World Council's volunteer activities and International Partnerships Program, which formalizes credit union movement partnerships throughout the world to share best practices in operations and product development. Inductees have demonstrated at least a three-year commitment to furthering World Council's international credit union development efforts and have each engaged in two or more volunteer assignments abroad. IEVC members must have hosted at least four international credit union professionals at their individual credit unions within the previous two years.

    2012 Inductees

    • Joe Bergeron, Association of Vermont Credit Unions
    • Alan Cameron, Idaho Credit Union League and Affiliates
    • Mark Cummins, Minnesota Credit Union Network
    • Rob Kimmett, Massachusetts Credit Union League
    • Tom Liebe, Wisconsin Credit Union League
    • Dick Nesvold, SouthPoint Federal Credit Union (Minn.)
    • David Southall, Innovations Federal Credit Union (Fla.)
    • Brett Thompson, Wisconsin Credit Union League
    • Kristina Wright, Minnesota Credit Union Network

    2009 Inductees

    • Mike Delker, Texas Credit Union League & Affiliates
    • Pat Drennen, 1st Gateway Credit Union (Iowa)
    • Patrick Jury, Iowa Credit Union League
    • Mike Lanotte, Credit Union Association of New York
    • Luis Lopez, Cooperativa Abraham Rosa (Puerto Rico)
    • Murray Williams, Iowa Credit Union League
    • Vicki Williams, Alabama Credit Union League
    • Gary Wolter, Alabama Credit Union League

    2006 Inductees

    • Kathy Chartier, Members Credit Union (Conn.)
    • John Florian, Ohio Credit Union League
    • Dana Hofmann-Geye, Minnesota Credit Union Network
    • David Low, OSU Federal (Ore.)
    • Rick Myxter, Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
    • Barbara Pogue, National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (Va.)
    • Bill Raker, US Federal Credit Union (Minn.)
    • Kasey Rockwell, Credit Union Association of Oregon
    • Sarah Turner, Maryland and District of Columbia Credit Union Association

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