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July 25, 2014   

International Credit Union (ICU) Day // Multimedia

The world is home to over 56,000 credit unions in 101 countries serving over 200,000,000 members. World Council is pleased to offer a glimpse of what credit unions are doing in various countries through the links below.


Watch more videos at www.youtube.com/woccu.


World Council launched a new radio show to tell the world about its global mission! Tune in each month to learn about a wide range of topics on the global industry from a variety of speakers affiliated with World Council, including corporate staff, field staff and volunteers.


NEXT: June 13, 2014, 10:00 am CST – Listen
Claude Clodomir, chief of party for a USAID-funded project in Haiti, and Peter Graves, World Council SVP of technical services, discuss credit union development initiatives around the world.

Credit Union World

Credit Union World

Stay informed about the international credit union movement with World Council's online magazine. The current issue features interactive stories on financial inclusion in Colombia.


Read about credit union development and member success stories in Colombia, Haiti and Ethiopia.

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