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August 30, 2015   

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Membership Brochure
Membership Brochure

World Council of Credit Unions is the global trade association and development agency for credit unions and cooperative financial institutions, with member organizations in nearly 60 countries. World Council and its members impact millions of people's lives, their credit unions, and national financial systems across the globe. Download the brochure or read below to learn more.

Building a Global Community

On behalf of its members, World Council:


World Council protects credit union interests and gives credit unions a global voice.

With globalization, more financial sector standards are being set at an international level and adapted to local conditions. When international standards are being set on issues such as capital requirements, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing and taxation, World Council gathers views from its member organizations, engages the global standard setters and influences guidelines before they reach the national level. World Council also provides national advocacy support for members with their regulatory bodies that are implementing new standards.

To ensure that credit unions are represented from the outset of discussions, World Council maintains an engaged stakeholder relationship with the following organizations to influence global standards:

World Council also advocates on behalf of credit union interests before the Group of Twenty (G20) and works with European Network of Credit Unions and our members in Europe to influence European commission policy regarding credit union legislation.

World Council issues regulatory alerts via The Telegraph as well as a compendium of country-specific activities through the biannual Global Regulatory Update, both issued via email to member CEOs and legislative contacts.

As international guidelines flow down to the national level, World Council works with our member organizations and national regulators to help interpret their application to specific credit union system environments. World Council carries out legislative and regulatory consultation and advocacy visits for member organizations.

World Council connects regulators to share best practices on an international or regional level through the International Credit Union Regulators' Network and annual conference.

World Council also:

Learn more about World Council's advocacy efforts at www.woccu.org/policyadvocacy.

Education & Networking

World Council connects people from within and outside the industry to identify solutions to common challenges.

World Council represents diverse credit union systems throughout the world. Member organizations include a range of institutions: credit unions, caja populares, savings and credit cooperatives, Islamic investment and finance cooperatives or mutual banks. Each system is unique, but many confront similar issues and have found value in learning from their international peers through World Council membership.

World Council provides online and in-person platforms for diverse groups of credit union leaders to interact and learn from one another. Member organizations receive discount registrations for World Council meetings and workshops, as well as exclusive networking opportunities through World Council.

Opportunities include:

Learn more about World Council's educational and networking opportunities at www.woccu.org/events.

Resources for Strengthening & Growth

World Council delivers best practices and industry trends from around the world.

World Council provides operational resources and information on market trends and best practices that help credit unions grow and prosper. Member organizations receive free access to World Council's proprietary financial tools to improve credit union business operations, planning, products and services. Since 1970, World Council has implemented close to 300 technical assistance programs in 71 countries.

Credit Union Development Resources:

Member Resources: