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Busia Orphanage
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CU World 2015


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Number of Photos: 2

A Greshk IIFC Membership Development Officer explains the IIFC's financial products to a group of new members in Helmand province.

2012-02 February 2012

Number of Photos: 5

Swarna Hettiarachchi has been a farmer for 35 years and a member of the Women's Coop Ruwaneliya branch since it was first established nine years ago. Her husband and one of her two sons also work on the five-acre family farm, while her other son works on a neighboring farm. They have diversified their crops by cultivating potatoes, carrots, leeks, beets and cabbage. Swarna recently obtained a 100,000 LKR (US$900) loan to expand her potato crop, most of which will be sold as seed to a government potato research center.

2011-10 October 2011

Number of Photos: 6

Other group members wait patiently as each member takes their turn meeting with the rural financial officers to deposit their savings and verify their account balance. Each member receives a record of the transaction printed on a small handheld printer.

2011-08 August 2011

Number of Photos: 4

A lone bicyclist travels amid the concrete rubble that still characterizes downtown Port-au-Prince.

2011-06 June 2011

Number of Photos: 4

Gideon Nyamwange (right), former senior deputy commissioner of cooperatives in Kenya and one of WOCCU’s consultants working on the Tanzania program, converses with an employee at a SACCOS training center in Dar es Salaam.

2011-04 April 2011

Number of Photos: 5

A representative from SICREDI Pioneira (left) meets with a farmer-member in the loafing shed for her heard of 80 cattle during a visit by WOCCU staff members.

2011-02 February 2011

Number of Photos: 4

Pollok Credit Union in Glasgow, Scotland, is partnered with a local post office, offering the convenience of combined services. The manager of the credit union is the local postmaster, and the employees of both organizations are being cross-trained to better serve members and customers.

2010-12 December 2010

Number of Photos: 2

Steve Schaefer with one of the new ATMs at Santa Maria Magdalena Credit Union.

2010-10 October 2010

Number of Photos: 4

“I came here to serve those in need because I want to give my heart to those who are hopeless and give them hope for the future,” Lucy Ruithanga, board chair of SOS SACCO, explained, “so that those with broken hearts will be healed.”

2010-06 June 2010

Number of Photos: 3

Fokkus CAR Manager Ildiko Croitoru (right), pictured here with CU staffer and board member, says that members trust the CAR to honor its commitments. She credits that trust with helping the CAR grow dramatically over the years.

2010-02 February 2010

Number of Photos: 5

Well-known Roosevelt Avenue, the bustling commercial and cultural center of Corona, New York. In the background, New York’s elevated metro line number 7 parallels Roosevelt while Spanish is heard on the streets below.

2009-12 December 2009

Number of Photos: 4

Students from the St. Jude School.

2009-10 October 2009

Number of Photos: 6

The group in “the jungle”.

2009-02 February 2009

Number of Photos: 5

Juan Manuel Sanchez demonstrates the sandal production process to Oscar de Leon and Brian Branch.

2009-04 April 2009

Number of Photos: 4

<i>Semilla cooperativa's</i> emphasizes savings, which encourages self sufficiency over dependence on borrowing and helps families build solid foundations for the future.

2009-06 June 2009

Number of Photos: 6

Malika Deepani with the crops that she will rely on to support her family throughout the year.

2009-08 August 2009

Number of Photos: 7

A view from the steeple of St. Mary’s Church offers a bird’s-eye view of the old Gdansk city hall.

2008-10 October 2008

Number of Photos: 8

KOTELAM Chairman Jean Hubert Lindor (left) and Director Gervase Michel stand atop the rubble that was once the Magloire Ambroise branch in downtown Port-au-Prince.

2010-04 April 2010

Number of Photos: 7

Susan Nduati, marketing specialist for the WOCCU-USDA program in Kenya, talks with fellow colleague, John Inganga, at the Finlays estates in Kericho, Kenya. Susan has worked closely with John and the rest of WOCCU’s agriculture team to identify proper crops and markets for farmers, caregiver groups and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Kilimanjaro Initiative Climb 2008

Number of Photos: 5

(Photo from FENACOAC) Children’s accounts are sometimes the “hook” to get remittance receivers to join the credit union.

SWAMI 2006-07

Number of Photos: 5

Day Three
WOCCU Director Penny Reeves of Canada was Tuesday's Master of Ceremonies.

3 - 2009 Day Three

Number of Photos: 13

President Fox brought his wife, Marta, up on stage to announce that they would be donating the beautiful dress she was wearing for Wednesday's live auction, which benefits the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions.

2 - 2009 Day Two

Number of Photos: 18

Regulators Brandon Khoo of Australia and Andy Poprawa of Canada share a nice exchange during Wednesday's Closing Session.

4 - 2009 Day Four

Number of Photos: 4

Traditional Spanish Flamenco dancers wowed the crowd.

1- 2009 Day One

Number of Photos: 17

Guatemala - June 2008

El Salvador Disaster

Number of Photos: 11

Cambodia Building Fund

Number of Photos: 13

Haiti street rubble

Day Four

Number of Photos: 22

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