PSCU Financial Services Donates $50,000 to WOCCU for Tsunami Relief

February 22, 2005

St. Petersburg, FL, Feb. 22, 2005 – The PSCU Financial Services Board of Directors today announced that the company has donated $50,000 to the World Council of Credit Unions' (WOCCU) Tsunami Relief Fund. This donation goes into the Worldwide Foundation of Credit Unions Fund, which provides disaster relief for credit unions outside of the United States. The company's contribution pushes the funds collected by the WOCCU for the Tsunami Relief effort to more than $400,000. These funds will be used to assist hundreds of credit unions in Southeast Asia that were either damaged or destroyed.

"Credit unions are faced with the daunting task of reconstructing financial records, in addition to rebuilding facilities, equipment and supplies of cash that were swept into the ocean. We would like to do our part in helping these credit unions re-establish operations so that they can in turn help local citizens and businesses get back on their feet," said David J. Serlo, President and CEO, PSCU Financial Services.

Individuals or organizations wishing to support the Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund can make a contribution through the World Council of Credit Unions' Worldwide Foundation or the National Credit Union Foundation (US). Information can be found on both websites: and

The World Council is the trade association and development organization of the international credit union system. Its role is to promote the sustainable growth of credit unions and financial cooperatives across the globe. The World Council includes national member organizations in 84 countries with 40,421 member credit unions serving more than 123 million people worldwide.

About PSCU Financial Services PSCU Financial Services is the nation's largest Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO). As a non-profit cooperative, the company is owned by more than 500 member credit unions nationwide, representing more than 8 million cardholder accounts and more than 230,000 online bill payment subscribers. PSCU Financial Services maintains its headquarters and Eastern operations center in St. Petersburg, Florida. The company is also supported by a West Coast operations center based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Established in 1977, the company provides a broad array of cost-effective, high quality financial services that include credit, debit, ATM, bill payment and contact center solutions. PSCU Financial Services uniquely offers its members a full range of processing options, any combination from full service to in-house pass through processing for credit, debit and ATM transactions. As the leader in the credit union industry, the company offers gateway access to national and regional networks. It also provides full function ATM terminal driving services. For more information, visit the company's Website at

World Council of Credit Unions is the global trade association and development agency for credit unions. World Council promotes the sustainable development of credit unions and other financial cooperatives around the world to empower people through access to high quality and affordable financial services. World Council advocates on behalf of the global credit union system before international organizations and works with national governments to improve legislation and regulation. Its technical assistance programs introduce new tools and technologies to strengthen credit unions' financial performance and increase their outreach.

World Council has implemented 300+ technical assistance programs in 89 countries. Worldwide, 68,882 credit unions in 109 countries serve 235 million people. Learn more about World Council's impact around the world at