Regulators Roundtable a Success in Its Expanded Format

August 15, 2005

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(Rome, Italy) - The third annual Regulator's Roundtable meeting held on July 24 continued the success of the first two, drawing 26 credit union regulators from 13 countries, as well as representatives from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and The World Bank. Held on the first day of World Council of Credit Unions' (WOCCU) inaugural World Credit Union Conference, it was one of the least conspicuous, but possibly most significant, events of the four-day meeting.

Responding to the need for a discussion forum among international credit union regulators, WOCCU organized the event to discuss the Relationship Between Good Governance and Supervision; Secondary Capital; Risk Focused Exams and Credit Union Correction Methodology; The World Bank Policy Study of Credit Union Supervision; International Accounting Standards Issues and Updates, Basel II and Its Impact on Credit Unions; and BIS Core Principles for Banking Supervision and Their Applicability to Credit Unions. Between each of these brief presentations and during the last hour of the meeting the floor was opened for discussion.

This rare opportunity for exchange between regulators from countries as diverse as the Bahamas, India, Brazil and Australia proved successful for the third year in a row. As Dave Grace, WOCCU's senior manager of association services, said, "It was a day of fruitful discussion. I feel the participants gained a lot from each other in terms of envisioning where their industry needs to go." WOCCU looks forward to the continued growth of this important yearly discussion.

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