Texas League Helps Jamaican CUs Face New Regulations

WOCCU Partnership Program Participants Pursue Unified Strategy

June 02, 2010

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Mike Delker speaking to the Jamaica CU League
Jamaica's credit unions have the vision necessary to accomplish their goals, said TCUL's Mike Delker during a recent joint planning session in Montego Bay.

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — The need to strengthen and unify Jamaica's credit unions has taken on greater importance in light of increased competitive pressures in the country's financial markets. Working effectively together to improve credit union operational efficiency was one of the issues dominating the recent strategic planning session between the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Ltd. (JCCUL) and the Texas Credit Union League (TCUL). The two associations, affiliated through World Council of Credit Unions' (WOCCU) International Partnerships Program since 2005, met late last month to help JCCUL plan the next five years of growth and development for Jamaica's credit unions.

"The partnership between Jamaica and Texas continues to be successful, with a healthy exchange of ideas and growing assistance between the two organizations," said Yvonne Ridguard, immediate past board president of JCCUL and a WOCCU director. "JCCUL has received tangible benefits from the Texas League, including helping establish 22 individual credit union partnerships between the two countries."

Dave Grace with the Jamaica CU League
Jamaica's credit unions should focus on ways to collaborate effectively, WOCCU's Dave Grace told attendees during the joint league meeting.

Last month's five-year planning session, a follow-up to an initial joint planning session in 2005, focused on readying Jamaica's credit unions for the pending regulations. In addition, planners discussed the need to diversify income sources in the face of declining interest income, move to a more pro-active microlending program to strengthen credit unions' bottom lines and increase service penetration, develop stronger risk management awareness and programs, and re-engineer processes to cope with a changing environment.

"Effective strategic planning plays a more important role in credit union success than ever, and I was impressed by the foresight and dedication displayed by JCCUL and its member credit unions during the planning session," said Mike Delker, TCUL's vice president of credit union relations who had traveled to Jamaica twice before to assist the country's credit unions. "Their vision for Jamaica's credit union movement was thoughtfully articulated and supported with goals and objectives that will enable them to even better serve their members in the future."

Session content, drawn in part from a prior survey of Jamaica's credit unions and executives, emphasized overall strengthening of credit unions and the Jamaican movement. Ideas on ways to strengthen staff capabilities and improve operations — including strategically merging institutions to result in fewer, yet stronger credit unions — provided food for thought for the more than 150 participants of the two-day event.

"Jamaica's credit unions have developed tremendous market penetration and public awareness over the past five years," said Dave Grace, WOCCU vice president of association services, who helped facilitate the meeting. "As a result of the Jamaican government's fiscal belt-tightening, the days of large margins have passed. Jamaica's credit unions will have to focus on ways to make their operations more efficient through strategic, collaborative efforts designed to improve their market position and member-service capabilities."

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