The Bahamas Cooperative League, Ltd. and the Massachusetts Credit Union League meet to discuss possible partnership

November 24, 2004

Madison, WI – In their first step toward partnership, the Bahamas Cooperative League and the Massachusetts Credit Union League met in Massachusetts last week. Victor Corro, International Partnership manager of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) facilitated the two-day event, in which two representatives of the Bahamas League, CEO Francis Davis and vice president Rufus Johnson, were given an overview of the credit union system in Massachusetts with the intent of finding common ground in which to start a partnership. A few of the hosts involved included Massachusetts League CEO Dan Egan, Worcester Credit Union CEO and League board member Karen Duffy, and League chairman Eugene Foley.

On the first day of the meeting, the Bahamas Cooperative League presented to the Massachusetts League their ideas for the initial focus of the partnership, which include the development of youth programs in credit unions, governance, and marketing. Later, they were given in-depth exposure to the Massachusetts credit union system in their visits to two area credit unions: the Worcester Credit Union and the Medical Area Federal Credit Union in Boston. They were even able to join the League in an open house, celebrating their move to a new facility.

Both organizations were pleased with the outcome of the initial meeting. "These organizations have a lot to offer each other," said Corro. "I am confident that the next step in this partnership will be similarly successful." Mr. Egan added, "both organizations could benefit substantially from a partnership. I know our board was impressed with the business acumen and commitment to the credit union principles demonstrated by Mr. Davis and Mr. Johnson."

Early next year, the Massachusetts League will visit the Bahamas Cooperative to learn more about the credit union system there and to further their working relationship with the Bahamas League.


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