224,378 people reached with financial services

(as of November 2018)

Banca de las Oportunidades has been funding WOCCU’s work in Colombia since 2008 and is now in the fourth iteration with Banca de las Oportunidades -Project IV. During the first project (2008 – 2010), WOCCU provided technical assistance to credit unions in nine under-developed regions of the country to strengthen institutional capital, improve governance, and expand savings and credit programs to low-income individuals.

In Colombia, we continue expanding the financing for micro- and small farmers to facilitate financial inclusion in the financial sector. The goal of the program is to promote access to financial services to micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs through various financial institutions.

World Council works with Banca de las Oportunidades on the “Inclusión Financiera en zonas de frontera con Venezuela” (financial inclusion at the border with Venezuela) to:

Banca de las Oportunidades -Project IV aims to
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March 01, 2019

WOCCU Colombia Project Surpasses Goal Early

Despite the economic, social and political unrest impacting Venezuela every day, and the alarming effects and consequences it has caused on the border with Colombia, World Council of Credit Union’s (WOCCU) Financial Inclusion Project at the Border with Venezuela has already surpassed its original goal of delivering financial services to 210,000 rural, low-income Colombians.

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5,350,000 credit union members in Colombia (2016)