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March 30, 2015   

About World Council of Credit Unions // Contact Us


World Council of Credit Unions Locations

Headquarters (USA) Washington, D.C. Office (USA)

5710 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53705-4493
Phone: +1-608-395-2000
Fax: +1-608-395-2001
Email: mail@woccu.org

601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
South Bldg., Ste. 600
Washington, DC 20004-2601
Phone: +1-202-638-0205
Fax: +1-202-638-3410
Email: mail@woccu.org

Executive Office

Pepi Dougherty, jdougherty@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2032

Finance & Accounting

Dave Richardson, drichardson@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2093

Donor Relations

Peter Graves, pgraves@woccu.org, +1-202-508-6775

Human Resources

JoAnna Vanderpoel, hr@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2069

International Partnerships & Training

Victor Miguel Corro, vcorro@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2047

Advocacy/Government Relations

Peter Pieh, ppieh@woccu.org, +1-202-508-6776

Marketing & Communications

Rebecca Carpenter, rcarpenter@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2031

Member Services

Liliana Tangwall, ltangwall@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2043

PEARLS Support

Jack Van Kauwenbergh, jvankauwenbergh@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2091

Electronic & Mobile Services

Mark Cifuentes, mcifuentes@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2067

Technical Services

Stephanie Grell Azar, sgrellazar@woccu.org, +1-202-508-6756

World Credit Union Conference/World Council Meetings

Christi Bergen, cbergen@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2095

Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Calyn Ostrowski, costrowski@woccu.org, +1-608-395-2056

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