Human-based approaches to finance


What makes us different?

Our approaches are centered around our main philosophy – human-centered finance – we design for a person's life & community. We measure success by how much we maximize the economic benefit of the customer.

As the credit union specialists, we take proven credit union models and apply them to our work with all different institutions that provide financing. This has given us multiple successful outcomes around the globe.

What does that entail?

It means to focus on giving ownership to the customer to create trust and understanding. Ownership can mean different things to different people and institutions. For instance, credit union members are shareholders with voting rights of the credit union. But, ownership to us means having a say in what products and services are offered. We believe this creates a more accurate demand and supply cycle that benefits both ends.

Some Background

WOCCU’s network is large. Worldwide, 60,500 savings-led credit unions in 109 countries provide access to financial services to more than 223 million members. In developing and emerging economies alone, credit unions reach more than 93 million members who have mobilized more than $1.5 trillion in savings and shares to lend to one another to promote local community development.

No other financial structure serving low and middle income savers and borrowers has sustainably achieved this scale in the developing world.