14, January 2021

COVID-19 Related Non-Performing Loans and the Challenges Facing Credit Unions

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded many of the traditional institutional stressors credit unions around the globe face on a daily basis. An increase in non-performing loans and other expected credit losses are major factors contributing to those increased stressors. This World Council of Credit Unions’ International Advocacy webinar will explore the depth of this problem and examine the ways both regulators and credit unions can address it.

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21, January 2021

Achieving Credit Union Digitization in Central and Eastern Europe

World Council of Credit Unions and the Regional Credit Union Center are hosting this joint webinar to feature credit union systems in the region that have successfully implemented digital platforms for their members—and provide tips to credit union systems seeking to achieve their own digital transformation.

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18, February 2021

A Digital Tour Through Credit Union Systems in Brazil, Poland and South Korea

Shared platforms have allowed credit union systems in Brazil, Poland and South Korea to provide a digital on-ramp to their member credit unions. This World Council COVID-19 Response Committee Webinar will feature presentations about how some of these shared platforms have been developed and the digital services credit unions are now able to offer as a result.

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25, February 2021

How Global Engagement Can Transform Your Credit Union

Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions invites you to attend a webinar featuring Civic Federal Credit Union President Dwayne Naylor, as he shares his global journey that took him to China, the Falkland Islands and a refugee camp in Kurdistan, Iraq. Dwayne has utilized the WF Field Engagement program to aid peers in starting credit union movements and overcoming barriers to help them establish roots in communities far away.

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1, March 2021

Worldwide Foundation 2021 Champions Celebration

Join Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' annual celebration of our donors in helping transform lives worldwide. Listen to four inspiring global stories from your peers and enjoy a mid-day trivia challenge, testing your knowledge of global credit union history. Stick around to win prizes and hear about a unique golden opportunity during 2021!

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3, March 2021

GWLN's Virtual Breakfast at GAC

Champion for women through credit unions at the GWLN breakfast - a complimentary virtual event! Sister Societies, Emerging Leader Award, keynote address, 2021 IWD & more! **Registration for this event is complimentary and open to all. You do not need to be registered for GAC to join us.**

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9, March 2021

Gender Equity in Credit Union Finance: A WOCCU Global Initiative

Gender inequities challenge entrepreneurs in accessing viable credit for their businesses across the globe. World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is developing a Gender Lens Investing (GLI) Toolkit to address these inequities so everyone, especially women entrepreneurs, can access productive finance through our network of global credit unions. WOCCU will share our experiences in creating the GLI methodology and our impact to date, from diagnostic to design.

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24, March 2021

Open Banking: The Opportunities and Challenges Facing Credit Unions

This World Council of Credit Unions virtual event will feature presentations from executives with three of the world’s largest credit union systems, who will discuss what is happening in their countries related to Open Banking and offer insights into the digital future. It is presented as part of Challenge 2025, World Council’s initiative to effectuate the digitization of the global credit union system by 2025.

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30, March 2021

How Eastern and Central European Credit Unions Have Been Financial First Responders Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

This Regional Credit Union Center (RCUC) and World Council of Credit Unions webinar will feature presentations from national credit union association leaders and credit union professionals in the region on the COVID-19 assistance they have provided to their members and communities throughout the pandemic.

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29, April 2021

Webinar: Credit Union Cybersecurity Challenges and Best Practices

This World Council Challenge 2025 webinar will examine the tools and technologies needed to successfully ensure your credit union and members stay protected in an increasingly hostile, connected environment. We will also look at the different realities large and small credit unions are facing when it comes to cybersecurity, and how their approaches differ when it comes to defending themselves from online threats.

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14 - 21 July 2021

2021 World Credit Union Conference

The 2021 World Credit Union Conference will be hosted virtually from 14 - 21 July. The reimagined virtual event, will feature more than 30 educational sessions with topics relevant to all leadership levels. Multiple opportunities to actively network with other attendees and industry partners from across our international cooperative movement will be available throughout the event. 

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