Irish-American Exchange Program

Collaboration Can Overcome Any Obstacle



Mutual challenges face the Irish and U.S. credit union systems. In response, the World Council, through its Worldwide Foundation and between the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) offers an exchange program, designed to align the needs and expertise of both sides of the Atlantic to find solutions to address short and long-term challenges.

The Irish-American exchange plays a critical role in finding solutions to challenges facing two systems that are critical to the cooperative movement, both with deep roots and expertise. The exchange will leverage these traits to strengthen and sustain each system, while building upon existing relationships and fostering opportunities to create new ones.

Anne Cochran, CLE
Former CEO, Louisiana Credit Union League
Former Chair, World Council of Credit Unions (First Female Chair)
Current Chair, Irish-American Exchange Program


Criteria for selection of participating credit unions will include:

  • Commitment to credit union ethos,
  • Financial sustainability,
  • Commitment to quality member service,
  • Openness to different cultures, new ideas and innovation,
  • Hospitality and respect.

Objectives: Ordinary People Accomplishing Extraordinary Things

The exchange will work toward:


Each credit union exchange builds around particular themes which both credit unions have identified as a priority for their exchange of ideas. These might include topics such as attracting young membership, expanding lending, new products, digitization of services, data analytics and marketing. 

Exchanges may be one-time exchanges or on-going relationships. 


Implementation: People Helping People:

World Council and ILCU will match and orient credit unions for an exchange.

For Irish Credit Unions: Visit the ILCU website to learn more about your criteria for inclusion into the exchange. 

Onsite exchange includes:


Responsibilities of Parties:

All US participating credit unions must be at least a Silver Level Supporter of the Worldwide Foundation

All participating Irish credit unions will be members of the ILCU in good standing.

Participating credit unions are responsible for the travel, lodging and food costs for their staff or volunteers.  Host credit unions are responsible for preparing and attending to the schedule of visiting participants.

Reports and exchanges of profiles, monitoring reports and participant reports and debrief will be via the Worldwide Foundation website.