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The PEARLS monitoring system offers credit union professionals a powerful and effective tool to monitor operational efficiency. Highlights of the system include:

  • Four level system - allows monitoring of up to four levels of financial institutions: credit unions, credit union branches, credit union league or supervisory bodies, national associations;

  • Multilingual system - Currently available in English, Spanish, Romanian, Macedonian and Bulgarian. New languages can be easily added to the system;

  • System works in network or standalone environment;

  • Generates reports and graphs, and analyzes data using two currencies - usually local currency and US dollar;

  • Calculation help screens that facilitate understanding of different ratios;

  • Easy to use data entry and configuration screens;

  • Several user access levels;

  • Includes data import/export capabilities to exchange data between PEARLS MS systems in different organizations or organization levels;

  • Provides import capabilities from other accounting/banking packages if data prepared in specified format;

  • Reports can be printed, previewed or exported to MS Word or Excel formats;

  • Includes users and administrators manuals in English.

System Requirements

- Pentium 133 Mhz processor (Pentium III, 600 MHz Recommended)

- Windows XP or 7

- 32 MB of RAM (at least 64 MB recommended)

- VGA 600x800 video

- 100 MB of hard drive space

- CD-ROM (for installation from CD)

- incompatible with Office 2013

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