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Su donativo hará la diferencia en las vidas de personas que sobreviven con menos de $1 dólar al día.

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Información para compradores


World Council Member Leagues and Organizations

  • Free of charge to World Council member leagues and organizations that are current in their dues payment
  • 24 hours of free annual support to member leagues by e-mail, fax or phone
  • Free upgrades

  • Distribution agreement
    Member Leagues and Organizations are allowed to set their own conditions for distributing PEARLS, including deciding whether to charge a fee for system or to provide it free-of-charge to their credit unions.

Each member is required to sign a brief distribution agreement allowing them to make copies of the PEARLS Monitoring System and to distribute it to affiliates. Leagues are in charge of distribution and support of the system in their affiliated credit unions.

Additional copies of the system can be ordered for $20 per CD and $30 per user manual, plus shipping costs. Additional support hours can be purchased in 8 hours increments for $400.

Members can contract with World Council separately for any on-site installation, trainings or workshops.

Non-Member Customers

The PEARLS Monitoring software is available for purchase to non-members.
For more information email The World Council Tools Team at

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