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Puerto Rico/New York


Webinar bridges New York and Puerto Rico

Credit unions in Puerto Rico and the New York State Credit Union League (NYSCUL) expanded their partnership this week during the first World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) International Partnership webinar. Juan E. Fernández, NYSCUL community development coordinator explained, “We conducted the webinar because we wanted our partners to be able to ask questions about services and issues in real time.”

During the webinar New York State Credit Union League provided participating Puerto Rico credit unions temporary access and hands on experience with all of the league's cyberservices. With Puerto Rico’s credit unions operating under similar requirements as its US partner, the member compliance section of the website and the support services were of particular interest to the group.

NYSCUL hopes to open Puerto Rico up to the outside world through its connections and training initiatives with other leagues and CUNA. Some of NYSCUL's legal staff has already started reviewing Puerto Rican law to be able to answer credit union queries.

The International Partnership hopes to provide vital services to credit unions in Puerto Rico, where credit unions do not have league of their own to provide education, training and compliance services. Because of the initiatives undertaken by the partnership, individual credit unions in Puerto Rico are able to join the NYSCUL as direct members.


Source: WOCCU

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