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Trinidad & Tobago/Connecticut

Start Date September 2001

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History & Objectives

In the partnership of Credit Union League of Connecticut (CULC) and Co-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad & Tobago (CCULTT), the two leagues have put a large focus on their credit union-to-credit union partnerships. The first credit union-to-credit union partnership, Community Care Credit Union in Connecticut and Lever Brothers Credit Union of Trinidad & Tobago, has assisted Lever Brothers CU with technical support, while Lever Brothers has provided Community Care direction in marketing to and serving its West Indian members. The partnerships second credit union-to-credit union partnership, COPOS Credit Union Cooperative Society in Trinidad and Seasons Federal Credit Union in Connecticut, assisted COPOS with the process of developing a website. COPOS has also assisted Seasons FCU with the creation of youth programs. The partnership has also helped to create a sample governance structure for CCULTT (based on the World Council model) and assisted CCULTT with establishing a compliance department for member credit unions.

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