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International Partnerships Program


World Council currently facilitates 19 international credit union partnerships.

WOCCU's International Partnerhships Program uses funds from the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions to help support three main areas of focus with the partnership exchanges:

1) Technical Projects

Sophisticated operational and technical exchanges are virtually the norm in all partnerships. With increased interest in technology-driven operations in credit unions, many partners are now playing a key role working with WOCCU to provide operational expertise, share their experiences and offer advice on information technology requirements to developing partners.

Examples of partnerships that have engaged in technical projects:

2) Education & Training

Education and training are the founding principles of the partnerships program. The program was created to promote the sharing of best practices between credit union movements to create safer and sounder credit unions for the benefit of the members. The training can range from all areas of credit union operations, including accounting, credit and delinquency management, product innovation, and member service. Training is accomplished through on-site visits, study tours and, most recently, webinars (link?).

Examples of partnerships that have shared best practices:

3) Unity & Cohesion of the Credit Union Movement

Movement cohesion is an important lesson for credit union systems as new threats of harmful legislation and attacks by the banking sector become more frequent. Through a single voice and a single message, credit union advocacy is stronger and lobbying missions are more successful. The partnerships program helps credit union movements craft that single message and develop effective lobbying strategies. Partners also frequently participate in visits to legislators and/or regulators to show that the credit union movement extends far beyond traditional borders.

Examples of partnerships that have worked on movement cohesion:

For more information and photos about recent partnerships events, visit the International Partnerships Web page.

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