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WYCUP Program Schedule in Denver, USA

A tight-knit group of young credit union leaders from over 50 countries met last year in Australia to participate in the WYCUP program

Deadline for registration: June 25, 2015

Download the PDF of the WYCUP agenda in Denver

WYCUP Winners Presentations
Morris Presentation

Are you a young credit union professional or volunteer under 35 years of age attending the 2015 World Credit Union Conference in Denver, USA?

Before the conference begins, we invite you to be part of a series of activities, at no extra cost, especially designed for the young crowd! Share your own experiences with young credit union leaders from all over the world and learn about the phenomenal work they are doing. At the end of the conference, five individuals will be awarded an all-expenses-paid scholarship to attend the 2016 World Credit Union Conference in Ireland.

WYCUP Tweets

Download Paul Smith's presentation
WYCUP program participants heard from Paul Smith, bestselling author of Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire, a book about storytelling as a leadership tool that has been published in six languages around the world. As a leadership trainer for international companies such as Hewlett Packard, Ford Motor Company and Procter & Gamble, Smith taught us how to use storytelling as a tool to communicate and persuade in the workplace.

Young professionals also heard from Grzegorz Bierecki, World Council Chairman and former Solidarity activist who was jailed for his political activity under Communist rule in Poland. Bierecki has played a key role in the rebirth of Poland's credit unions which in the course of 15 years became the largest non-bank financial network in the country. Bierecki has led Poland's credit union system as president of NACSCU since 1992.

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