Technical Guides

Technical Guides

International Lessons for Young Adult Membership Growth: Part II
Lili Tangwall, Sarah Timmins and Rebecca Carpenter 
June 2015

International Lessons for Young Adult Membership Growth: Part I
Lili Tangwall, Sarah Timmins, Rebecca Carpenter and Brian Branch
January 2015

A Technical Guide to Increasing Citizen Participation
How Credit Unions Strengthen Democracy
Anna Cora Evans, Stephanie Grell and Janette Klaehn
March 2006

Islamic Finance Manual: Operating Policies and Procedures for Credit Unions
Toolkit for Islamic Investment and Finance Cooperatives
Customer Owned Banking Association 
July 2013

A Technical Guide to PEARLS
A Performance Monitoring System
Anna Cora Evans and Brian Branch
November 2002

Research Monograph: PEARLS Monitoring System
David C. Richardson 
April 2009

A Technical Guide to Savings Mobilization
Lessons from the Credit Union Experience
Janette Klaehn, Brian Branch and Anna Cora Evans
March 2002

Model Law for Credit Unions

Model Law for Credit Unions

Model Law for Credit Unions & Guide to International Credit Union Legislation

Credit unions have been important contributors to economic and social development for over 150 years in all regions of the world. The 2015 Model Law for Credit Unions provides a sample legislative framework to movement leaders, legislators, regulators and others in preparing and seeking approval of laws that will strengthen the safety and soundness of credit unions without imposing unreasonable regulatory burdens. The Model Law for Credit Unions can be considered an optimal legislative framework for a jurisdiction that is revising its credit union regulatory regime or starting from scratch.
The Guide to International Credit Union Legislation contains credit union legislative and regulatory summaries for over 100 countries and political provinces.

Model Law

Savings Mobilization

Savings Mobilization

Striking the Balance in Microfinance: A Practical Guide to Mobilizing Savings
Written by practitioners for practitioners, Striking the Balance in Microfinance will benefit a full array of microfinance players—MFIs, technical assistance providers, donors and policy makers. Any institution that is serious about mobilizing and protecting client savings should read and use this book.
Edited by Brian Branch and Janette Klaehn


  1. Management Evaluation Jesus R. Chavez
  2. Calculating Interest on Savings Jesus R. Chavez
  3. Evaluation of Internal Control in the Deposit Cycle Mónica Valenzuela Bravo
  4. An Introduction to Liquidity and Asset-liability Management Monnie M. Biety
  5. Monitoring and Projecting Cash Flow Hector Noriega
  6. Calculating the Net Margin Hector Noriega
  7. Risk Analysis in Savings Mobilization Nelson Aldana Arroyo
  8. Profit and Loss Simulation Model José Linares Fontela
  9. Creating a Marketing Campaign Gerardo Morales
  10. A Guide to Designing Surveys José Linares Fontela
  11. Model Surveys Gerardo Morales
  12. Model Surveys Juan Altamirano Obregón
  13. Calculating the Costs of Savings Mobilization David C. Richardson and Oswaldo Oliva V.