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    Approved by the World Council board of directors or the general assembly, Resolutions formally honor a variety of contributions to the movement. Resolutions are presented on such occasions as retirement or in memoriam of an individual who has served the credit union movement over the course of a career, or to organizations that have fostered a commitment to credit union principles at an international level.

    2002 Resolution Recipients

    • Dennis Cutter

      Dennis Cutter received a World Council Resolution from Gerry Foley. Cutter retired from the World Council board of directors in 2002 after 14 years of service.

    • Radu Savitchi

      Radu Savitchi, former president of the National Union of Mutual Benefit Societies of Romanian Credit Unions (UNCAR), was recognized with a memorial Resolution during the World Council Annual General Meeting.

    • François de Cagny

      François de Cagny was awarded a World Council Resolution in honor of his service to the French financial cooperative and international financial cooperative movements since 1979. François de Cagny began working as the director of international relations for the Cooperative Bank in 1991.

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