David L. Chatfield International Training Fund Announced

Supports Training for Credit Union Staff and Leaders Worldwide

August 15, 2005

Matt Davidson, Executive Vice President-California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, announced a special program to honor David L. Chatfield at the World Credit Union Conference in Rome July 26. Chatfield, a former WOCCU Board member and credit union leader, retires as CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues next April.

The November issue of Credit Union Digest, the monthly magazine of the league, will carry the theme "Celebrate – Windows of Opportunity" and will honor Chatfield's career. Feature stories will review Dave's career, share stories of his impact on the credit union movement and reminisce a bit with photos and histories of his work with other credit union leaders and members. Special full and half page display messages will be accepted through September 12, 2005. All proceeds will benefit the new David Chatfield International Training Fund. For more information on the magazine special edition contact Traci Miller, or 909.581.3226 by September 12, 2005.

Need for International Training

Proceeds from the sale of these display messages and cash gifts will fund the David L. Chatfield International Training Fund. Currently, there is a great need to provide training to credit union staff and leaders around the world, particularly in developing countries.

Training of this type includes basic topics such as sound lending practices, the role and responsibilities of credit union boards, and adopting computer technology. WOCCU holds regional technical conferences in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. This fund will allow conferences to be held more regularly and involve more people, as developing country credit unions cannot pay fees needed to hold such conferences.

As credit unions around the world become more sophisticated and more efficiently managed, the image of the entire movement benefits.

Donor Recognition

In addition to the Credit Union Digest display message special section, friends of David L. Chatfield may donate gifts of any amount directly to the David L. Chatfield International Training Fund. The fund is administered by the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, Inc. (WF), the US 501(c)(3) philanthropic arm of the World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. (WOCCU).

Chatfield Fund donors will be recognized at the following levels if their gift is received before September 12, 2005: $100 - listed in Nov 2005 CU Digest at Waves level; $350 - listed in Nov 2005 CU Digest at Sun level; $750 - listed in Nov 2005 CU Digest at Half-page sponsor level and receive half page ad; $1,500 - listed in Nov 2005 CU Digest at Full-page sponsor level and receive full-page ad. Also recognized as WOCCU Bronze Supporter

Donors at the $5,000 and above levels are also recognized as WOCCU Supporters and receive additional donor benefits.

After September 12, when the magazine is sent to press, gifts will be recognized on a web page dedicated to the program and in future WOCCU news releases.

For more information on the special Credit Union Digest edition and advertising, please contact Traci Miller, California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues ( or 909-581-3226). For more information on the WOCCU fund see WOCCU's "Get Involved" web page , or contact Valerie Breunig, Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, Inc. 5710 Mineral Pt Rd, Madison, WI 53705, Phone: 608.231.7353, Email: . Gifts to the foundation are fully U.S. tax deductible.

Remarkable Career

David L. Chatfield has served credit unions for more than four decades from the volunteer, executive, regulator, supplier, and league sides. His commitment and dedication to the credit union movement have made an impact on many-not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Beginning his credit union career in 1965 as a volunteer elected official of a small Colorado credit union, Dave went on to serve as a CUNA Mutual field representative, general manager for the New York State Credit Union League service corporation, and as the first director of political action in CUNA's Washington office. He then went north to become president of the Alaska Credit Union League, and later became an executive with Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.

In 1988, Dave became the first credit union professional appointed to the NCUA board. The following year, he was named the first executive director of the Filene Research Institute. He also participated in the creation of the Center for Credit Union Research at the University of Wisconsin. In March 1991, Dave accepted a position on the west coast as president and CEO of the California Credit Union League. In 1996, his title was expanded to include president and CEO of the Nevada Credit Union League.

Dave's involvement with credit unions also includes: founding the Shapiro Group (after a private meeting with Leo Shapiro) to provide special assistance to smaller credit unions; traveling to Central and Eastern Europe to help craft legislation for credit unions in Poland and elsewhere and to encourage the formation of credit unions in the region; acting as chairman of the Credit Union House LLC; and serving on the boards of Western CUNA Management School, O'Rourke Career Connections LLC, CU West Mortgage Corp., and the World Council of Credit Unions.

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