First Remittances Making Way through IRnet® Coop Kenya

December 21, 2006

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Beatrice Wainaima, one of the first remittance receivers through IRnet® Coop Kenya.

Madison, WI—People in Nairobi, Kenya, recently enjoyed a day of entertainment and remittance education with the official launch of IRnet® Coop Kenya at Kenya Bankers Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO).

With Kenyans abroad sending more than $600 million every year to friends and family back home, World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. and shareholding SACCOs in Kenya established IRnet® Coop Kenya to provide a fast, safe and convenient way to transfer money. Through the network, people can send remittances through any Vigo Remittance Corp. agent or participating credit union in the United States to a participating SACCO in Kenya. Members and non-members alike may use the service.

Kenya's commissioner for cooperatives with the Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing, Frederick Odhiambo, was at the event and congratulated IRnet® Coop Kenya for coming at a time when the cooperative movement faced increasing competition and the challenge to meet increasing member needs.

Odhiambo also received a remittance through the network at Kenya Bankers SACCO during the event. After providing the sender's reference number, his photo ID and upon completing a simple form, Odhiambo received the $10 money transfer from Madison, Wisconsin, within a half hour after it was sent.

A "roadshow team" performed a series of entertaining and interactive skits throughout the day at key locations in Nairobi to educate the public on the benefits, mechanics and availability of IRnet® Coop Kenya. Team members also distributed flyers and answered questions on the new service.

Remittances Serving the Greater Community

Though not a SACCO member, Beatrice Wainaima was one of the first people to receive a remittance via IRnet® Coop Kenya.

Her husband, a professional runner currently living in Brooklyn, New York, sends her money twice a month to Kenya Bankers SACCO in Nairobi. Until she can obtain a visa to join him in the US, Beatrice uses the money to cover house payments, food and transportation. She has also invested some of the money into a small clothing store she recently opened. Beatrice said that she uses IRnet® Coop Kenya because she values the customer service and low-cost alternative.

By providing means to receive international remittances, SACCOs are meeting a crucial need of the greater community and attracting potential members like Beatrice Wainaima.

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