First Webinar Connects International Partners in New York and Puerto Rico

February 23, 2007

Madison, WI—Credit unions in Puerto Rico and the New York State Credit Union League (NYSCUL) expanded their partnership this week during the first World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) International Partnership webinar.

Juan E. Fernández, NYSCUL community development coordinator explained, "We conducted the webinar because we wanted our partners to be able to ask questions about league services and discuss issues in real time."

During the webinar, the New York State Credit Union League provided participating Puerto Rican credit unions access to their member website and other league service offerings. Since Puerto Rico's credit unions operate under the same regulatory requirements as their US partner, the member compliance section of the website and the support services were of particular interest to participants.

"Webinars are effective vehicles to provide our International Partners with access to each other while they continue to work on joint initiatives through on-the-ground exchanges," shared Victor Corro, WOCCU International Partnership manager.

Because of the International Partnership, essential services are available to credit unions in Puerto Rico, where credit unions do not have a league of their own to provide education, training and compliance services. Thanks to the partnership, individual credit unions in Puerto Rico can now join the NYSCUL as direct members.

Using technology, like webinars, World Council hopes to further strengthen the relationships among its 22 International Partnerships. Three other International Partnerships are planning webinars in 2007: Panama and Iowa, focusing on credit union governance; Barbados and Missouri, discussing steps for establishing a corporate credit union; and Bahamas and Massachusetts, reviewing branding and youth marketing initiatives.

To learn more about the WOCCU International Partnership Program visit the World Council website at or contact Victor Corro at

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