WOCCU Makes Mid-year Changes to its Board

Anne Cochran becomes Treasurer; Brian McCrory to Represent Ireland

April 29, 2010

2010_4_29_Anne Cochran
The Louisiana Credit Union League's Anne Cochran has been elected treasurer of the WOCCU board of directors.

MADISON, Wis. — World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) at its April meeting made several changes to its board of directors as result of the resignation of Mark Bailey, the board representative from the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) who had been serving as treasurer since July 2009.

Director Anne Cochran, president and CEO of the Louisiana Credit Union League (LCUL) and WOCCU board member since 2007, was elected treasurer to fill the position vacated by Bailey. ILCU board member Brian McCrory was appointed director to continue representing Ireland's interests on the WOCCU board. Both appointments are effective immediately.

"We're sorry to see Mark Bailey leave us and we have appreciated the years of leadership he has provided WOCCU. But we're pleased by the recent board changes," said Pete Crear, WOCCU president and CEO. "Anne Cochran has been a tireless champion for WOCCU and we're thrilled to see her rise in the board ranks. As a professional educator and experienced ILCU board member, Brian McCrory brings a strong new dynamic to the board that we know will result in positive contributions."

2010_4_29_Brian McCrory
Brian McCrory has been appointed to represent the Irish League of Credit Unions as a director on the WOCCU board.

Cochran, a native of Dublin, Ireland, has served as LCUL's chief executive for nearly 20 years. As a CUNA representative, she has been instrumental in helping shape meaningful legislation benefiting U.S. credit unions, including the Credit Union Membership Act of 1998 (HR 1151). Cochran has served on many credit union organization boards and committees, including CUNA's Governmental Affairs Committee, and was an executive officer for Credit Union Service Centers, the regional shared branching network. She also served on CUNA Mutual Group's League Research and Advisory Committee and currently serves on CUNA's World Affairs Committee.

McCrory, in his first year as an ILCU board member, had previously spent six years on the ILCU Supervisory Committee, and was chair from 2006 -2007. He currently serves on the Legislation and Administration Committees, is chair of the Northern Ireland Committee and editor of CU Focus magazine. He has also served in a variety of advisory committees to the first and deputy first ministers' offices in Northern Ireland's Legislative Assembly, and as director of the Northern Ireland Social Economy Forum. An educator by profession, McCrory is a member of Belfast Teachers' Credit Union Ltd., where he serves as credit committee chair.

Bailey's original WOCCU board term expires in July, making McCrory eligible to run as an incumbent for another term. Cochran's appointment as CUNA representative to the WOCCU board expires in July 2011.


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