Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions Launches 2018 ICU Day Challenge

A Call to Action to Support, Serve, and Share

October 04, 2018

MADISON, Wis. — The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, the charitable arm of the World Council of Credit Unions, urges credit unions everywhere to expand the footprint of their efforts to improve member’s lives at home and abroad through a new initiative: the 2018 ICU Day Challenge.

Support. Serve. Share. is the Foundation’s call to action that any credit union or individual can take on to address the twelve key development issues that may hinder the financial prosperity of millions of members worldwide, regardless where they call home. Credit unions and industry professionals are encouraged to join the global credit union family celebrating the 70th anniversary of ICU Day® through three key actions:

  1. Support – Help the Worldwide Foundation raise $70,000 across the movement to grow the footprint of international development through digital financial inclusion, ag. lending, leadership development and other programs.
  2. Serve – Go out into your communities, bring your co-workers, family and friends, and help contribute over 7,000 hours of volunteerism to charities whose mission are to address one or several of these development issues that are affecting your member's lives.
  3. Share – Showcase the power of the credit union movement by sharing your financial support, volunteerism, and celebrations through the World Council and your credit union’s social media platforms. Inflate the goal of 700 posts, tweets, and shares by using #ICUDAY and #PLATINUMLININGFOUND and World Council’s handle @WOCCU.

"We can do so much more, together as a global movement and ICU Day is the time of year where we celebrate our collaborative successes throughout the year, while looking to the challenges that lie ahead,” said Worldwide Foundation Executive Director, Michael Reuter. “The 2018 ICU Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity to continue to broaden awareness, pool resources, and push each other one step further to improve each development issue at home and abroad.”

Employees and members alike can participate by ditching that stop to the local coffee shop and taking the Mugshot Challenge, where people are challenged to donate the price of a cup of coffee/tea to the Worldwide Foundation and take a selfie with their homemade beverage to highlight their good work. The challenge is fully online, and donations can be made at

The 2018 ICU Day Challenge begins in October and continues until the end of 2018 with stories and challenge goal updates posted at

About the Worldwide Foundation

The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that shares the World Council’s commitment to fostering financial inclusion and empowerment to millions worldwide through credit unions. Inspiring and encouraging credit unions and their members to “Do Good. Do Global Good.” by participating and engaging the global credit union movement is the key strategy to its sustainability. For more information, visit

Contact: Mike Reuter
Phone: 608-395-2047
Support. Serve. Share. is the Worldwide Foundation’s call to action
Support. Serve. Share. is the Worldwide Foundation’s call to action

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