Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions Launches New Website

New tagline: Do Good. Do Global Good.

June 05, 2018

MADISON, Wis. — The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WF), the official philanthropic arm of the World Council recently launched its new website, and tagline, Do Good. Do Global Good., as a new vehicle for credit unions to participate in the global credit union movement. 

"The Worldwide Foundation now has its own platform from which it can offer a unique toolkit for credit unions to participate and engage with the global credit union community, while forwarding their social mission and growing their business,” said Worldwide Foundation Executive Director Mike Reuter. “Our Global Good Toolkit supports World Council credit union international development programs worldwide and changes the lives of individuals and their communities through the credit union difference.”

Credit unions worldwide provide financial empowerment enabling members to make the financial choices to improve their lives. Each tool on the Global Good Toolkit provides an opportunity for a credit union to help members globally, while improving their business and their members’ lives, locally. Each tool supports the needs of a credit union’s heart (social) and their head (business):

  • Supporter contributions bring contributors together with peers as part of a global movement to work together to solve issues facing the global movement;
  • The Global Good Card grows membership, especially Millennials, by adopting credit card branding into the product portfolio that provides a quality product and is socially responsible;
  • The Charitable Donation Account earns income and supports the international movement while not expensing contributions from the profit and loss statement (P&L);
  • Field Engagements allow credit unions to network with peers, learn new approaches and personally make a difference in the field;
  • The Gift of Service honors the storied career of a retiring executive or board member by allowing them to continue to leverage their skills to make a positive impact with volunteer service in the international field;
  • Disaster Relief supports partners with WF to get ahead of the storm by providing relief that will be used when disaster strikes and disrupts the lives of credit unions members and operations.

The Worldwide Foundation’s Case for Support, provides more information showcasing the Global Good Toolkit.

For more information on the Worldwide Foundation’s new toolkit and engagement opportunities, visit

About the Worldwide Foundation

The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that shares the World Council’s commitment to fostering financial inclusion and empowerment to millions worldwide through credit unions. Inspiring and encouraging credit unions and their members to “Do Good. Do Global Good.” by participating and engaging the global credit union movement is the key strategy to its sustainability. For more information, visit

Contact: Mike Reuter
Organization: World Council of Credit Unions
Phone: 608-395-2047
The new tagline for the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions: “Do Good. Do Global Good”.
The new tagline for the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions: “Do Good. Do Global Good”.

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