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Legislation/Regulation Publications


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Legislation/Regulation Publications


An enabling legislative environment supported by a prudential and risk-based supervisory framework is essential for credit union success. Based on decades of experience in dozens of countries, World Council provides the following legislative, regulatory and supervisory resources for credit unions, supervisors and policymakers.

Model Law for Credit Unions & Guide to International Credit Union Legislation

Credit unions have been important contributors to economic and social development for over 150 years in all regions of the world. The 2015 Model Law for Credit Unions provides a sample legislative framework to movement leaders, legislators, regulators and others in preparing and seeking approval of laws that will strengthen the safety and soundness of credit unions without imposing unreasonable regulatory burdens. The Model Law for Credit Unions can be considered an optimal legislative framework for a jurisdiction that is revising its credit union regulatory regime or starting from scratch.

The Guide to International Credit Union Legislation contains credit union legislative and regulatory summaries for over 100 countries and political provinces.

Model Law: English
Guide: English

Global Regulatory Update

The Global Regulatory Update is World Council's twice yearly electronic newsletter of regulatory issues throughout the world.

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