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Credit Union World
Credit Union World

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World Council of Credit Unions' magazine.

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Annual Report
Annual Report 2013

In 2013, our top global challenges were more universal than ever before: increased regulatory burden, payments innovation, young adult membership growth and small credit union sustainability. In response, World Council continued to build a global community full of opportunities to share effective strategies and lessons that tackle these shared challenges.

Statistical Report
Statistical Report

Credit union organizations from 103 countries provided data for World Council's 2013 Statistical Report. The report shows an estimated 208 million people worldwide are served by 56,904 financial cooperatives.

Technical Guides
Young Adult Membership Growth

World Council's development programs are highlighted regularly in the Technical Guide series, designed to inform readers about the unique situations and challenges each World Council program presents, as well as chronicling each program's achievements.

Model Law & Regulations for Credit Unions

Model Law for Credit Unions provides a sample legislative framework to aid in preparing and seeking approval of laws.

Guide to International Credit Union Legislation contains credit union legislative and regulatory summaries for over 100 countries and political provinces.

Model Regulations

Model Regulations for Credit Unions provides a starting point for implementing quality regulatory standards for credit unions. It is based on World Council's extensive international development experience and documented best practices. The regulation matrix contains real world examples of regulations from 18 developing and developed credit union sectors.

Research Monographs

Research monographs present the findings of credit union research and studies carried out through World Council's credit union development activities.

Savings Mobilization
 Striking the Balance in Microfinance

Striking the Balance in Microfinance will benefit a full array of microfinance players—MFIs, technical assistance providers, donors and policy makers. Any institution that is serious about mobilizing and protecting client savings should read and use this book.

Value Chain Finance
VCF Manual

World Council shares guidance for financial institutions, development finance organizations and donors interested in gaining a better understanding of value chain finance and how to integrate it into their product mix.


Get a snapshot of the difference World Council programs are making in various countries throughout the world.

International Credit Union Principles

The International Credit Union Principles are the foundation for how credit unions differ from other financial institutions. The principles provide frameworks for credit union operations, governance and safety and soundness.

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