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Savings Mobilization

Striking the Balance in Microfinance: A Practical Guide to Mobilizing Savings
 Striking the Balance in Microfinance

Written by practitioners for practitioners, Striking the Balance in Microfinance will benefit a full array of microfinance players—MFIs, technical assistance providers, donors and policy makers. Any institution that is serious about mobilizing and protecting client savings should read and use this book.

Edited by Brian Branch and Janette Klaehn


Chapter 1: The Keys to Striking the Balance: An Introduction to Savings Mobilization

Brian Branch and Janette Klaehn

Chapter 2: Institutional Preconditions: Testing Readiness and Achieving Sustainability

Mark Cifuentes

Chapter 3: Savings Product Management: Establishing the Framework

Brian Branch

Chapter 4: Product Development and Marketing: Meeting the Local Demand

José Linares Fontela

Chapter 5: Counting the Costs of Savings Mobilization

David C. Richardson and Oswaldo Oliva V.

Chapter 6: Nicaragua: Putting the Framework Into Place

José Benito Miranda Díaz

Chapter 7: Ecuador: Stability in a Time of Crisis

César Izurieta Moreno

Chapter 8: Ecuador: Savings Mobilization in 14 Credit Unions

Oswaldo Cabezas Paredes


  1. Management Evaluation Jesus R. Chavez
  2. Calculating Interest on Savings Jesus R. Chavez
  3. Evaluation of Internal Control in the Deposit Cycle Mónica Valenzuela Bravo
  4. An Introduction to Liquidity and Asset-liability Management Monnie M. Biety
  5. Monitoring and Projecting Cash Flow Hector Noriega
  6. Calculating the Net Margin Hector Noriega
  7. Risk Analysis in Savings Mobilization Nelson Aldana Arroyo
  8. Profit and Loss Simulation Model José Linares Fontela
  9. Creating a Marketing Campaign Gerardo Morales
  10. A Guide to Designing Surveys José Linares Fontela
  11. Model Surveys Gerardo Morales
  12. Model Surveys Juan Altamirano Obregón
  13. Calculating the Costs of Savings Mobilization David C. Richardson and Oswaldo Oliva V.


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