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World Council

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The World Council of Credit Unions builds, champions, defends and grows a global community that improves lives. World Council advocates internationally to achieve better legislative and regulatory outcomes for credit unions and cooperative financial institutions. World Council strengthens the credit union and cooperative financial institution system through technical assistance, training and tools.

We welcome you to join this journey to assist our members and continue growing the global community of credit unions and other financial cooperatives. Come build, champion and defend alongside the World Council.


Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Director's Message

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People helping people is at the heart of what we do. As the global platform dedicated to supporting and advancing credit unions, contributions to the Worldwide Foundation allows World Council to tackle the critical issues facing our industry and strengthen the economic security of your members.

In the following pages, you will witness the impact your 2016 investment has created and our collective accomplishments to provide leadership, access, and sustainability for credit unionsand the members they serve worldwide.

We are honored to steward the resources you entrust with the Worldwide Foundation and privileged to offer unique value to the global credit union industry.